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  • Levi's mate?
    121K 3.9K 21

    As Levi go home he saw a poor little boy freezing he takes care of the kid. He then realize that he is in love with Eren. Mpreg. And what will happen if Levi turned him all around he will turn Eren to a vampire and marry him.

  • A Fanboy And A Dollar (Ereri)
    573K 28.7K 28

    Eren was a friendly, carefree 13-year-old living in the city of New York, where he met a homeless teenager around his age. Pitying him, Eren gives the vagrant boy a dollar and his sweatshirt with hopes that he wouldn't freeze to death in the cold winter ahead. Four years later, and Eren is a 17-year-old that has a par...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dark Consumes The Light. Riren/EreRi.
    8.6K 279 2

    When Angels capture The Devil's nephew. A strong Male who can get anything He wants in His home of the under world, with His title of the next king challenging enough to prevent anyone from opposing His ways. You think it would end in His death, but when He finds His ultimate prize in a young boy. With the looks to m...

  • Blind(LevixEren)[Still in progress]
    19.7K 994 11

    (Levi x Eren, Yaoi) (You have been Warned) *Take Notice: Because of what happened in Eren's past life, he is no longer able to see, in his present self.* When Levi gets lost in an unknown city, he finds himself wondering into the Red Light district. Finding that he would not be able to get home anytime soon, he decide...

  • m i n e 「 rire n 」
    41.9K 1.5K 8

    Alpha! Levi x Omega! Eren - The next deafening words that spilled from his mouth were words I never heard before, nor did I ever want to hear, "You're mine." - Characters belong to Hajime Isayama! Crappy story belongs to me! Omegaverse au Please bare with me! I haven't really wrote a fanfic about alpha/beta/omegas b...

  • The Vampire King's Mate
    517K 16.8K 43

    Eren does what every other human teenage boy his age does. Party hard, piss off people, and become the vampire King's mate. Levi comes into Eren's small human village and searches for his mate....well he finds them.

  • I'm Yours
    47.9K 1.3K 8

    Summary♡ Eren Yeager is a high school student of shingeki high and also an omega that longs for an alpha's touch. Levi Ackerman is a senior in shingeki high and is an alpha that doesn't really care for omegas, but will things change when he sees a beautiful brunette with gorgeous sea green eyes? (WARNING! This story c...

  • Thug [RIREN/ERERI]
    71.5K 2K 9

    Levi is a popular mob boss known for being heartless, killing without mercy and luring women in to use them only to rip their heart out. Every year every mob boss meet to catch up, but at their next meeting someone catches his eyes. When the boys father decides to marry him off to the first person to volunteer, Levi s...

  • A Ghoul And A Titan
    128K 3.8K 16

    It all started between the fight of Kaneki and Amon, fighting along with their quinque and kagune. As the fight goes on, a black hole suddenly appear between the two, sucking them both in the dark abyss as they both drift off to a dreamless sleep. Opening their eyes, they found themselves in front of a huge giant, smi...

  • my favorite teacher Mr. Ackerman
    134K 4K 10

    Erens a senior in high school with a secret admirer. Little does he know his favorite teacher/ crush is into him. Levi will make sure Erens in good hands.....could alternatively be titled the allstate AU

  • Angel In Glasses
    225K 11.6K 31

    Eren's the schools nerd. Levi's the schools jock. What happens when their paths cross?

    Completed   Mature
  • Rooming With Mr. Uptight || Ereri ||
    35.7K 1.7K 7

    {Modern AU} With a dark past, college starter, Eren Yaeger is roomed with the even darker past man named, Levi Ackerman. Due to Eren's hot-headed and persistent personality and Levi's no bull-shit and strict personality, they don't get along very well. That is until they are forced into attending a party. Disclaimer:...

  • Revenge or Love? {Ereri}
    124K 4.9K 20

    Eren Jeager is a 17 year old student who lives in Tokyo to graduate in highschool. His mother died because of an illness. When he was 9, his dad was killed in front of his eyes by the criminals. That's why, his dream is to become a respectful and useful police agent. Eren's grades are good since he has nothing to do t...

  • You Will Never Leave!~ (Yandere Riren)
    47.4K 1.4K 4

    I Thought I was safe, working my night job at the bar. There is always this man who asks about be. I thought it was because he thought I was a good bar tender. Until it got out of hand one day. Always asking, -Where Is Eren Today- -Have You Seen Eren- -When Will He Be Back- . . . . I wish never. (I Do Not Own Attack O...

  • The Corporals Punishment
    5.7K 93 2

  • Yandere!Levi Compilation
    12.2K 336 2

    A story involving Levi being extremely possessive and jealous over Eren. Reasons could be that Levi has been unable to become close or intimate with anyone (or he refuses to) because they would eventually die soon because that is part of being in the Scouting Legion. But after taking responsibility of Eren and having...

    Completed   Mature
  • Levi x male reader x Eren
    178K 2.8K 12

    Warning yaoi and swearing!

    Completed   Mature
  • A New Toy (an ereri fanfic)
    286K 11.3K 31

    Eren, is a normal junior in high school with his adopted sister Mikasa, and his best friend Armin. One night, Eren had a weird dream. With a mysterious man in it. Eren ignores the scary feeling he gets whenever he now sees this man. Levi, is a demon who now attends high school, wants a special toy. And that special t...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Crazy Yandere Lovers
    4.8K 90 2

    Levi has always admired Eren Yaeger Levi has always stalked him and tried to make him his but what happens when Levi realizes he is the only lover Eren has The fact that the other guy is Erwin and they are both willing to kill to be with there beloved Eren...

  • [Levi / Eren] Perspective
    16.5K 685 6

    A grump with his eyes passionately set on a flashy teen. An overly emotional boy with a not-so-secret secret. Fate tied them together, but their hearts bound them, for whatever time they had left in such a world.

  • The Lab Rat (Ereri)
    127K 3.8K 11

    eren is the smartest kid and the school. and the least popular. what happens when the most popular kid in school, Levi Ackerman, takes an interest in the brat? (boy x boy) smut is guaranteed.

  • Mommy's Boy - [Riren/Ereri]
    190K 7.6K 18

    Mama cat Eren is so tired of losing his kittens.. He wants one he gets to keep and call his own.. Fate seems to have blessed him however, when one snowy Christmas evening he finds an abandoned wolf pup... ~MixMix~ Note: I'm going to hell for this... I swear...

  • A New Purpose
    143K 4.5K 9

    While on a mission, Eren a small baby caught in between the teeth of a titan. (I apologize for the bad grammer and punctuation)

  • A Silent Killer
    9.2K 382 4

  • The Jaegers and The Ackermans {Ereri}
    50K 2.3K 15

    The story is about two families that are very powerful. One day the two sons of the family meet at a masquerade party and fall for each other. Now the two families are in a war and try to steer clear of the other but one day the two sons meet again. What ever could go wrong?

  • Levi x Male!Reader!
    235K 6.4K 13

    My Levi x Male!Reader story. Hope you enjoy it. Amazing cover by ZuriFost02 Attack On Titan(c) Hajime Isayama You(c) Yourself

  • Master Levi? (ereri/riren Maid Eren X Master Levi!)
    164K 4.8K 15

    Eren yeager an 18 year old his dad sold him after doing alot of experiments then was found by hanji he lived with hanji for a long time he was her maid always cleaning until it was clearly sparkling Hanji loves her maid eren because he has a good personality and is good at cooking,cleaning, and is mostly doing what sh...

  • Don't Forget (You Will Always Be Mine) (Yandere!LevixEren)
    31.7K 810 2

    Eren and Levi are finally get into a romantics relationship, but one thing Eren fails to notice is that Levi quickly grows an obsession with him. Soon enough it's too late, and now Levi won't let Eren even hang out with his friends. Jealousy takes over Levi and a punishment is made every time Eren disobeys his orders...

  • Prowler - [Riren/Ereri]
    16.8K 745 3

    Werewolf AU Summary: Eren Yeager has no family, no house and no consistent friends. He always travels from one place or another, his only real property is an old RV van, his 'home sweet home'. He was just at the wrong place and the wrong time when his van broke down in the middle of the road. Eren finds himself stra...

  • To Love A Alpha
    45.6K 1.7K 11

    Omegas began to flee from their home packs and start rebellion packs Why? Because the king Alpha wanted to remove all signs of weakness Aka the Omegas Eren is one of the fleeing Omegas he gave up on looking for his mate and searching for his run away father and turned into a stone hearted wolf willing to kill any Tit...