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  • You made me believe in..LOVE! (#Wattys 2015)
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    Aisha is mistreated,pretty girl who never found love in her life. When Afaq come in her life,will she be able to understand his love and will Afaq be able to show his love for her? Or destiny has written something different for them?? Highest rating so far #50 in spiritual. Cover credit goes to: @Muslimah350 (thnx alo...

  • Was It Meant To Be? (COMPLETED)
    376K 21K 77

    #1 Mistakes - 07.07.18 #3 Spiritual - 19.06.18 #1 Mistakes - 27.08.18 #1 Mistakes - 16.10.18 #3 Inspirational - 26.10.18 #1 Inspirational- 10.11.18 #1 Mistakes - 17.11.18 #1 Sympathy - 02.02.19 He marries her. But He loves another. Her one sided love. Will fate put them to the test? Will He ever fall for Her? READ TO...

  • Just Me and Him (Under Editing)
    626K 27.5K 37

    Ayesha is a 22-year-old practicing Muslimah studying International Law in Canada. Ayesha is the girl that is told to be quiet and sit in the corner of the room. She is always reminded by her parents that the house she is living is not hers and her house will be the one she will be married into. Ayesha only wants her...

  • Meant For You - Predestined
    324K 20.6K 43

    Inaraah, 23 years old muslimah working in Qureshi company. She is independent hardworking and steadfast but still holds on to her Deen. She is pious, modest and follows the principles of Islam while struggling to survive in modern and carefree atmosphere. Alhaan Rahman Qureshi, 25 years old handsome, youngest lad of...

  • A Promise From My Heart (Completed)
    143K 15.1K 64

    They found their way to love, reconciliation, growth, achieving inner peace in the aftermath of loss. ----- A dead mother A guilt-ridden father A wife in denial A rebellious sister Another's consumed by hate and drowns in the dark abyss within her An unsolved murder A lost memory He became their only hope. The one ho...

  • Devil's Dynasty
    155K 2.1K 8

    Previously known as "The Ceo And His Hijabi" *** The night was dark. Ruthless and forbidden. It was like the murkiness was calling him in the arms of lurking demons, the demons which had always been there with him, teasing him mocking him. He stood before the window, looking down at the city, which was glittering as i...

  • The Awaiting Bride
    514K 29.1K 41

    The sky was painted dark.Very Dark with no bright stars.A gush of wind swirled past us making me inhale softly.The large man besides me leaned against the iron railing.His eyes fixed ahead of us as if seeing something that I couldn't. A lone tear slid down my cheek as I brushed it off rather harshly.Finding my voice I...

  • Black hearts meet Red
    359K 29.3K 74

    I walked down the dark hallway, my eyes scanning the rooms on my way.The door was slightly ajar as I reached the end of the hallway, my hands pushing the door open as I stepped in.Her sorrowful sobs reached my ears as I stared at her little form huddled in the corner of the dark room.Moonlight from the large window fe...

  • Unbreakable Bond (COMPLETED)
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    (BOOK FOUR) #1 in spiritual 01/01/19 What hurts most, seeing the one you love say they don't love you Or Seeing them loving someone else?

    Completed   Mature
  • Planned Destiny
    126K 7.1K 29

    "You..!!!yes you are the one because of whom I lost everything in my life. I can't stay happy... I can't breathe properly..... I lost interest in everything.... each and everything..... my life has become a mess.....all my dreams are broken like a can you do that??? I was about to loose the most Importa...

  • True Or False?(Completed& Edited)
    3.7K 454 40

    #86It's all about random stuffs We are from different parts of the world, experiencing our lives in our own unique way, Let's share our ideas in our small wattpad world. These are just my thoughts let's see if you agree or not and first one am sure it's true even if u will choose false you will agree with me by end...

  • 1)Different Hearts❤Halal Journey Of Two People(edited&completed)
    124K 1.9K 12

    (Completed)#26on 17/5\2020- "Are you ready to meet him?"he asked again with smirk on his face. "Yeah I am ready," I said while finishing pancakes and taking dishes to wash. He took his phone and dialled a number and said, she has agreed to meet you but if you ever hurt her you will suffer the consequences" he threaten...

  • 2)Stuck With Arrogant CEO(Re EDITING&completed)
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    #156spiritual 24/6/19Sequel of Different Hearts(Completed)She has feelings for him, His life is His work and Family. She craves for his one glance, He doesn't even care. She Is Stuck With Arrogant CEO, But is the Arrogant CEO fated for her?or for someone else?

  • 3)Silent For His Sake
    62K 3.1K 32

    (Completed)#21on 25/4/19 Sequel of Stuck With Arrogant CEO.......story of Ayman, Mayra and Anisa. 3 best friends and their story will have lots of drama, love, heartbreak, and many more twists....she stayed silent for his sake but was it worth??

  • THE DAY HE CAME❤💔everything changed(EDITED)
    144K 2.4K 17

    (Completed)SHIFTED TO WEBNOVEL, READ FROM GOOGLE..2nd in spiritual on 1st June 2020 #1 hijabi on 25/4/19 . She has secrets and rough past, further more what hurts more was when her own relatives didn't accept her as their own cousin but gave her job of a maid in their own house...let's see how her journey goes around...

  • The Blueprint of His Heart.
    142K 13.7K 66

    | ZAEEF BOOK II | "You have a beautiful laugh" she said. "Whatever do you mean?" "When you laugh, it reminds of me of poetry" "That is new" "Its me. Its not new" * She fell for him the moment her eyes met his gray ones. Except she was not what he was looking for. Or so he thought. Take the journey of self disc...

  • حلال Jokes
    21.3K 857 10

    Some halal jokes to get all your troubles off your mind, and have a laugh with your brothers and sisters. ❤

  • Zindagi Ka Safar ( The Journey Of Life)
    351K 13.9K 62

    She thinks she can change him by loving him harder... and the sad part of all this is... he probably will day... When she has given up and walked away ~~~~~~~ Sheharyar Ali is a 28 years old and runs biggest tycoons. He is a billionaire and the only thing he loves the most in this world is only his mothe...

  • Heartbroken [COMPLETED]
    54.7K 2.6K 39

    Amal has never met Yasir before but as per her fathers wishes she marries him. Maliakah is going to be an auntie and couldn't be happier. But what happens when Malaikah sees something she shouldn't and it threatens to bring both families crashing down? "But my father said he came from a good family. He was educated. H...

  • Choosing Him
    262K 18.2K 46

    She loved him. He loved another. She was ready to die for him. He pretended to be oblivious to that. She was crazy for him. He was crazy for the other girl, but not the mad kind of crazy like she was. She was determined to get to her destination but at the s...

  • When you came along. | Published✔
    138K 1.1K 5

    He splashed some water on his face and removed his handkerchief to wipe his face when a piece of paper fell from his pocket. He looked at it through furrowed eyebrows and picked it up as he opened it to find the same printed letters. He recalled the events and understood that it was the man who collided with him a few...

  • Only You ( A Muslim Love Story)
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    Dr. Humza Khan is the lead pediatrician at Lakeside Hospital, but with him comes his 6-month-old daughter. The man is handsome and young, and mature and is focused on creating the best future for his daughter- Haniah. Dr. Huda Siddiqui is every child's favorite doctor. Her optimistic personality shines in the pediatr...

  • His Love
    54.8K 2.5K 15

    Anisa is a brave and confident girl...and according to her cousins "she is full of life"but things are not like they seems..she faces alots of problems and harships in her life..but she never loses hope..she loves her mother (alia) very much as she love her she dislike(dispise) her father to equal

  • She Is My Smile ✔
    609K 26.7K 56

    ~. His soul was dark. She was the light. His talks were rude. She was sweet. His smiles were evil. Her smiles were angelic. He was careless. She was careful. He was the KING. She was an ANGEL. The first meeting was weird. He was blown off by her guts. How can an ordinary girl scold a MAFIA KING in front of this world...

  • Because, Its Halal - muslim Romance #Wattys 2015#YourStoryIndia
    1.1M 71.7K 74

    Always remember when you Fall in love Make it Halal and take them To Jannah. Here's bringing you a story which will change your view on everything. To make you believe that everything is not in your control and everything that happens...happens for your own good. Something everyone can relate to, a series of doubts, t...

  • A Story Called You & I❤️
    1.7K 148 7

    Why do we complicate things? Everything from making a baby to studies to loving someone? Everything is so complicated....And as people of this generation we need to stop trying to complicate things further more, but instead we just add more complications to it. My story is about one such complication we all will most...

  • An American Muslimah
    196K 16.3K 25

    Find out what happens to 14 year old Aisha as she enters her high school life as a young muslim woman. Life will throw challenges at her but she will have to face and learn from them.

  • Love starts after Nikkah (Completed)
    437K 21.8K 38

    Every girl, whether she is confident or not, at time of nikkah, become hesitated to say yes. The feeling that your sur name is going to change and you are giving your life to another person is very horrible. Same was the case with Saba. She saw toward Sahir who was looking to another side. His face was so serious that...

  • In These White Halls
    184K 10.1K 45

    Anaya Khan is not an ordinary girl. She's sarcastic, confident, funny and amazing. She has a dream. A dream to become a good surgeon and to save lives. She has come on a long medical journey and there's no turning back now, she will do everything in her power to achive what she's dreamt of her whole life, but these in...

  • A Muslim Kind Of Love ✔️
    70.9K 4.3K 22

    They say to be patient for what was written for us was written by the greatest of writers. This is no exception when it comes to Mohsin and Azma. Two people who've struggled and embody the very definition of Sabr (patience). Mohsin has seen his fair share of struggle, but he's always had a great support system. While...