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  • Zoonika
    1.1K 33 4

    Everyday life of our favorite couple Kenneth and Onika = (zoonika)

  • Full Figured Woman. (Revising Slowly)
    125K 5.1K 34

    Jada Michaels Is A 20 Year Old, Business Woman, Who Is Okay About Being Big. All She Ever Wanted Was A Man To Call Her Hunny, But Ever Time She Step They Just Sit & Look At Her Funny. Jada Wishes Life Was But A Dream, So She Could Live With Her Dream Man In A Peaceful Serene. Dreams May Come To Life & Love Into Realit...

  • Wrong Way || #Wattys2016
    228K 13K 27

    Book 1|| Which Way Series She had a crush on him, He barely noticed her. She stared at him as he passed by, He'd scoff and ignore her. She loved him, He had no intentions of loving anyone especially her. He is the bad boy thug people try the hardest to stay away from, the further the better but he seems to intrigue on...

    Completed   Mature
  • Phat Loving(ON HOLD)
    423K 14.1K 43

    This story is about a thick girl who ends up falling in love with a the hugest kingpin in LA. She is insecure abou herself. She thinks of herself being ugly and fat but she isn't. This girl is just thick and this thug is going to show her that. This is my first story so help me out and give me some support. ~Bre'b...

  • Mending Broken Pieces
    1.4M 38.6K 26

    Her mother always told her that since she was a big girl, that she would always have a harder time than others. So with thick bones, she had to have a hard heart. Neveah Carter took a chance at love and let her heart soften one time too many. After being heartbroken when she seen her boyfriend Dawayne with another g...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boss
    1.2M 39.7K 24

    Lisa Jones have not had it easy. Being insecure about her weight and body have always been an issue for her. But when she meets her new boss will she be able to overcome those insecurities and open up to the idea that someone could actually love her for who she is. Or will it further drive a wedge between her and the...

    Completed   Mature
    98K 4.6K 34

    Zion Miller is a 25 year old voluminous Beauty and a Interior Designer who holds her head up high never letting things get her down or so it seems. She uses her shy but outspoken and goofy personailty to get through the day. On the outside she has a heart of gold and always thinking the best in most people. On the in...

  • Why Me?
    290K 9.8K 36

    "Every since I've moved here he's been looking at me with lust in his eyes, i can see it but i wanna know....why me?" Rochelle Johnson is a 16, curvy, Baltimore girl. the only people she have in her life is her mother and god, her father died a couple of years ago.Her mother gets this new job in California and they ha...

  • Insecurities (Being Edited)
    35.6K 1.3K 6

    After years and years of bad friends, bad relationships, and terrible lifestyle choices Winter finally realized that it was just time to give up. It just always seemed like her life was skewed in the wrong direction. At the age of 18 Winter was already emancipated but with no financial help from her parents. Her pare...

  • The Curve Effect (Under construction)
    180K 452 2

    Kendra just wants to fit in and accept that she's beautiful but she just can't see it in herself. So what would happen that maybe by chance or even fate that someone will help her feel beautiful?

  • Love Me For Me
    1.3M 51.9K 36

    "Let me go Andre." I told him with tears at the brink of my eyes. " No, tell me you love me, tell me you need me. Tiffany tell me what I want." he said breathing down my neck while holding me hostage against the wall. "No I dont." "Yes you do.....please" He was right I did love him and I needed him. " I-I love you And...

  • What Is Love ?. .
    49.4K 2.3K 13

    Karma Jay isn't your typical 16 year old she has to deal with her parents abusive relationship. She's always been an outcast at school being made front of because of her physical appearance and here she is 16 and hasn't experienced a relationship ,not even a first kiss . When her mom jumps up and decides she wants ta...

  • Roommates
    274K 14K 35

    After trying to get away from the drama back home and being in desperate need of an place for her child and herself, Yeshiva answers an add for a roommate. She gets a surprise when she finds out she has to be roommates with two hot guys in a bachelor pad. What she thought would be a drama free transition, turned out t...

  • Curves and All
    170K 7.6K 20

    Quantis is a plus sized beauty with brains and ambition. Raymond is a head strong guy that doesn't take no for an answer. When he meets Quantis, he wants her. Curves and All. Will she let him claim her as his? Or will rumors, skinny girls, and her fear of commitment stop her?

  • Ava's World
    665K 38.3K 88

    After a terrible break up with her boyfriend, we get inside of Ava's World and how she's handling her business, family and her constant reoccurring ex. All while trying to find love again.

    Completed   Mature
  • Can't Have It All
    3.1M 183K 109

    Kenya is on top of the world as one of the world's most successful rising businesswomen. But she quickly learns she can't have it all. Something must give and she has to make a choice between her dreams or the love of her life.

  • TORN
    399K 18.2K 89

    Jazmine sacrificed her own dreams so that Odell could live his, no questions asked! But now that the tables have turned the real question is, is Odell willing to give it all up for her? Is he willing to allow the woman he loves, love someone else?

    Completed   Mature
  • Unbelievable
    186K 9.2K 37

    When Mariah becomes Chris Browns assistant, she doesn't expect to do anything but get her coins. What she gets is way more drama than she bargained for. Chris somehow believes since Mariah is dark skinned and chubby that she is ugly. But just because she isn't his usual type doesn't mean that she's not gorgeous and...

  • Lions, Tigers, and Bears II:And All That Other Sh*
    44K 3.9K 57

    Book 2 of Lions, Tigers & Bears|Jazmine Sullivan & August Alsina| I Do Not Own Any Pictures,Songs or Lyrics in this book.

  • Sinners Sequel
    33.9K 2.2K 20

    Sequel to Thou Shall Not Sin. Back with her ex husband and with another man's baby on the way, Kylie feels trapped. She's in a loveless marriage and still not over her much younger ex boyfriend. What happens when August comes back to his senses and starts having an affair with Kylie? Will she leave her husband for h...

  • Down On Your Luck
    272K 16.1K 22

    Jazmine and August have known each other for a long time, her cousin was dating him for awhile until she betrayed him. She was there through all the bullshit, tears, and hard work. Now he's 'August Alsina' the singer, somehow Jazmine ends up working as his assistant. Jazmine has always had a soft spot for August ever...

  • Mine || August Alsina
    49.1K 2.8K 19

    One scent was all it took for her to get up and run, run without stopping nor looking back. She wanted love but his she did not need, she could smell the power radiating off his scent and she knew from then he would not want her. (IF YOU DON'T LIKE SEEING GRAMMAR ERRORS THEN DON'T READ! Not Edited YET) ❤PorshaBee Prod...

  • College Love (August Alsina Fanfic) [Editing]
    61K 2.3K 12

    Christina is an 18 year-old plus sized girl, who is currently a senior in high school. Christina was never one of those plus sized girls who had low self esteem. She knew she was beautiful, but she never thought she would find love because of how society saw beauty. Yet, her sophomore year she met the love of her life...

  • I Don't Wanna.. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    173K 9.6K 32

    I don't wanna be... Be without you, be without you I don't wanna live... Live without you, live without you I don't wanna go... Go without you, go without you I don't wanna be alone - Aaliyah Kharter Turner is a successful lawyer living in New York City . After figuring out the man she once loved was not what he choke...

  • The Big Girl's Savior
    23K 978 40

    Raven Williams has been through hell and back. While dealing with lack of confidence and an abusive relationship, she meets the handsome Detective Eric Daniels. Will Raven let him help her? Will she allow herself to trust? Will she open up her heart? Will he be her savior? Will he be the big girl's savior? Thank @miss...

  • Lions,Tigers & Bears!|Jazmine Sullivan|
    202K 10K 45

    I'm not scared of lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!) But I'm scared of (loving you) I'm not scared to perform at a sold out affair (that's right) But I'm scared of (loving you) Am I the only one who thinks it's an impossible task? Why it don't last? Is that too much to ask? Why do we love Love, When Love seems to hat...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scared of Loving You (Odell Beckham Jr. Love Story)
    166K 10.2K 52

    Plus size Jazmine Sullivan, a world renowned singer. She finds love in a man, but because of her own self insecurities she doesn't know how to accept love. Getting rejected because of her size causes her to hide her emotions. She has been through hell and back and just wants someone who loves every part of her. Read...

  • Big Girls Can Be Porn Stars Too
    138K 6.6K 25

    Not every story is what you'd expect.....

  • Stalker Angel(Odell Beckham jr) Completed
    30.8K 1.8K 16

    Lisa is just a grown woman that likes to read and write stories on wattpad. Lost in world that never really understand her where men don't pay attention but what happens when a certain football player gives her the attention she craves.

    Completed   Mature
  • Plus Size Beauty
    302K 11.7K 32

    Being invisible to the world was something Angelina Rivera was use to but one boy stop all that, his name was Elijah Bailey the star basketball player of her school. Angelina always put herself down because of her weight like everyone else does in her school. When she goes to look at herself in the mirror all she can...

    Completed   Mature