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  • Son of Satan 😈 BoyxBoy Jastin
    6.4K 520 30

    Life isn't easy for Jason - his father, Markus, is a sadistic gang leader, who thrives upon manipulating his two sons to do unspeakable acts. Or; Justin wants to join a new gang, but he starts to fancy the hardcore leaders youngest son, who he can't tell if he is really scared, or completely crazy. Tags; Jastin, Abuse...

  • Everybody Laughs (Muke) (BoyxBoy)
    192 11 3

    'Everybody Laughs,' Luke thought, until he met Michael. 2015©

  • Mastrophobia (BoyxBoy)
    13.3K 837 13

    Mastrophobia; irrational fear of breasts. [or;] Where Justin uses Mastrophobia to get sexual favors from his teammates; seeing as he's the star player it becomes easy to recieve them. But soon enough there's a new member to the soccer team, and the rising player sees right through Justin [More info inside!] [Boy×Boy]

  • Jason (BoyxBoy)
    44.3K 2.9K 26

    (Boy×Boy) Everyone is familiar with story of Cinderella, I'm quite sure of that; but this is a parody, with it's own twists and turns to the classic story we have all grown to love. #Jastin "You make yourself seem so... so strong, but you arent and I know this is hurting you just as much as its hurting me." (More inf...

  • When The Clock Strikes Twelve (BoyxBoy)
    102K 7.1K 42

    Jason McCann; A criminal. Justin Bieber; Innocent kid. Jason only commits crimes at midnight, and he's never been caught out doing so. Justin's the first witness. Warnings; Possible Smut, Sexual Abuse, Innocent!Justin, BadBoy!Jason, fluff, love, boyxboy, more

  • Mentally Unstable (BoyxBoy)
    7.8K 462 11

    Warning; Possible Triggering, abuse, self harm, self hartred, boyxboy, mature content, possible rape, need i say more? read at own risk n.n Patient: Jason Derek McCann File: Tried to kill his twin brother, has bipolar outbursts. Needs Medical attention. Diagnosis: Bipolar, Part Schizophrenia. ________ Patient: Zayn Ja...

  • How To Save A Life (Jason McCann / Justin Bieber)
    10.3K 464 10

    Jason loses his mother in a terrible accident that occurs whilst he is at school. The accident also leaves his step father in a critical condition. Jason is forced to move in with his biological father and his family. Jason must adjust to his new life, but it's hard when he wont let go of his old one so easily. Justin...

  • My Cousin JB/Jason McCann fanfic
    18.6K 988 18

    Jason McCann wasn't liked by many people, including his own family. They found him cold, and heartless. Little did they know, that Jason did the things he did to protect them because he loved them, even if he wasn't one to show affection. Things begin to change when Justin Bieber, Jason's cousin, came to stay over for...

  • I'm a Rebel (Larry Stylinson: family)
    4K 109 7

    Louis and Harry are now older, still performing in One Direction, which they have for many years. But now they have a 17yr old son, Jamie, who's become quite, 'bad'. But all his bad rep, is just to cover up his inner feelings, since he's been crushing on Zayn and Niall's son, Josh. What's poor Jamie to do about all th...

  • Three Way Relationship
    236K 6.6K 108

    You would never think a three way relationship would ever work, but it does for Niall, Justin and Zayn. Of course they have their up's and down's, but the three love each other unconditionally. But, there are still people very against them in a three-Way relationship. Will the boys last together, forever? Warnings:...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Revenge
    1.4K 113 3

    Jason's back; but he's back for Revenge. {Book 2} {My Cousin} The last everyone ever heard of Jason, he had died in an accidental warehouse explosion. The police had ruled the explosion as a possible gas leak accident; and that was the most they'd looked into it. Two years later, Jason and Tyler decide its time to com...

  • Step-Brother's (BoyxBoy)
    166K 11.3K 60

    Book 1: Step-Brother's Book 2: Voodoo Doll Spencer and Jason McCann live with their father, Jeremy in the busy city of New York. The family was known for their long-listed record with the police. Jeremy was sick of he and his boys being judged for the bad things they had done in the past, so he wants to find the perf...

    Completed   Mature
  • ¢heap (BoyxBoy)
    5.8K 411 6

    "$10 an Hour." "That's so damn Cheap."

  • Got a secret, Can you keep it? (Jiall)
    28.1K 1K 32

    When Justin Bieber gets framed for a few nasty Tweets, he's sent off to tour with One Direction, to make up for what was said. All in all, he gets to know the five boys, very well, and maybe Niall a little too well... But could this all just be led on from Justin's previous break with Selena? *COMPLETED*

  • Give Me Love (BoyxBoy)
    5.7K 376 10

    some of you lovely people suggested I make one of my supposed to be one-shots, into a story. and because I'll probably do absolutely anything for you guys, I'm going to :) #JylanFeelsGotMeLike haha anywho... enjoy the Dylan x Justin