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  • Marvel One-Shots
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    A collection of one-shots from the one and only Marvel Universe. Requests welcome :)

  • Marvel Oneshots
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    This book is all about Marvel, You will see the Avengers, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D crew, and you might even see some Spiderman. I am always open to suggestions and requests so don't be shy. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters associated with Marvel

  • Femme Fatales
    193 14 3

    Superheroes aren't always running around in tights and saving the day. Some have lives beyond their everyday heroics. Petra Murdock and Francine Barton exchange their weapons and costumes for everyday attire and backpacks as they juggle both the responsibilities of being a vigilante and a college student.

  • Marvel FanFiction Awards 2016
    41K 1.4K 7

    Welcome to the very first Marvel Fanfiction awards of 2016! If you have a book that has been published either the ending of last year or this year and you think that it fits in one of the categories, go ahead and nominate yourself! Nominations: June 1st 2016 - July 15th 2016 Voting: July 16th - August 18th 2016 Winne...

  • X-Men Roleplay > OPEN
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    Come Roleplay as Your Favorite Mutants From Marvel Comics! Form and Rules Inside. We welcome both comic book and movie fans! -Samantha&Lorna

  • Mackenzie's Journey (Daredevil/Spider-man/Marvel Fan Fiction)
    1.1K 50 5

    Matt has a child with Claire. The baby turns out blind with the same abilities as her father. Her name is Mackenzie, her father (Matt) finally lets her go to school after years of home-schooling, but what happens when she meets a guy called Peter Parker (spider-man). He still works at S.H.E.I.L.D. Mackenzie may have t...

  • 3:36 AM (Marvel)
    364 23 3

    It's been a year since the defeat of Ultron. A year of peace, a year of restoration, a year of rebirth. The calm aura surrounding a finally robot-free world is shattered when a new breed of evil appears. A new breed of evil involving dead corpses being reanimated into super-soldiers. Only one group of people is capab...

  • The Daily Murdock
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    A book all about Matt Murdock the Man without fear!

  • Daughter of HYDRA [Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver]
    19.2K 734 24

    There was no such thing as "before Hydra" for Obedience. Hydra was all she had, and all she had ever known. It wasn't bad, and in fact, as the daughter of someone, she didn't know who, she got certain privileges, like plenty of new clothes, and practically any material thing she wanted. Obedience grew up happily, but...

  • Back in Red, White, and Blue
    2K 161 23

    This is my second story. It's not a sequel, so it doesn't matter if you read it before the other one (the SLEEPERS Awaken). Anyways, this is about Steve, Tony, Bucky, and the Next Avengers. It takes place about a year after the Next Avengers. If you haven't watched this movie, it's animated and on YouTube, $5 at Targ...

  • Teenage Rebellion (Marvel)
    820 76 8

    It's been three years since a new threat emerged from the corrupt United States government. Three years since Earth's mightiest heroes fell and disappeared, locked up and out of the public's eye. Three years since freedom slipped through people's fingertips like sand. The time has come to take that freedom back. When...

  • Marvel Oneshot- A Shopping Trip
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  • The Snow Always Melts
    168 16 1

    There's more to the Winter Soldier than death and pain. But can he remember?

  • The Comic Movement
    2.5K 170 4

    A movement that aims to promote the comic book world and prove that it is truly, too, a literary form.

  • Just Some Friends From Brooklyn!
    7K 360 23

    This the origin story of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' friendship, starting with my version of how they first met. The beginning of the line, if you will. You're in for some fights, trouble, and a lot of fun all set in Depression Era NYC! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **I kept their relationship fraternal, as that i...

  • Daily Marvel Facts | Pt. 2
    104K 9.1K 183

    [ongoing] I'm currently not updating daily due to a busy schedule.

  • The SLEEPERS Awaken
    402 22 17

    I cannot take credit for the name of this story, or the note (you will find out what this is later) because I used a quote from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (the Winter Soldier). This title is also used in the Captain America show that was made in '66. Also, the characters aren't mine. They are all Marvel's in...

  • The Days We Remember (Marvel)
    2.6K 170 11

    The prestigious SHIELD Academy is home of the smartest kids, the greatest athletes, and the most interesting people you'll ever meet. The days at this school are the ones people don't forget. *Marvel Universe High School AU*

  • Young Avengers: CONQUEST
    65 5 1

    Set during the Young Avengers' first year, YOUNG AVENGERS: CONQUEST tells the rise of a team... and the fall of a hero. After Cassandra Lang and Nathaniel Richards discover a great technological breakthrough in their work, a number of personal roadblocks put the group at a standstill. As the team struggles to attain a...

  • Next Avengers: LEGACY
    55K 3.8K 111

    MARVELOUS cover by @desperauxx !!! In the aftermath of the slaughter of the Avengers, their children rise from the ashes to survive amidst villains and chaos. Join the Next Avengers as they struggle to find their place in the world and battle the forces of evil, both around them and within their own hearts. ~Two books...