Next Avengers: LEGA...
By LornaCyla
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MARVELOUS cover by @desperauxx !!! In the aftermath of the slaughter of the Avengers, their children rise from the ashes to survive amidst villains and chaos. Join the Next Avengers as they struggle to find their place in the world and battle the forces of evil, both around them and within their own hearts. ~Two books combined into one~ ~Just a heads up, This is the relatively unedited first draft of the first book I ever wrote. (: That being said, I promise my writing style improves as the chapters go on and is significantly better by book 2 (: so please pardon any grammatical/spelling errors, but if you see one feel free to let me know. I do not have any rights to these characters, they are property of Marvel Comics (Yes, Next Avengers do actually appear in comics) My story is based off the characters not the original plot. #thecomicmovement #BeYourOwnHero #MARVELcommunity -#SAYNOTOHYDRACAP-This Fanfic Completely and Blatantly Ignores the Recent Comics where Steve Rogers is HYDRA ~March 29, 2016~7k reads ~July 9, 2016~13k reads ~July 24, 2016~14.1k reads ~August 10, 2016~15k reads ~September 3, 2016~16k reads ~November 6, 2016~17k reads ~November 20, 2026~18k reads ~January 29, 2017~19k reads ~March 3, 2017~20k READS!!! ~April 14, 2017~ 21k READS!!! ~June 18, 2017~23k READS!!! ~July 21, 2017~24k READS!!! ~August 14, 2017~25k READSSSS!!! ~September 21, 2017~26k READS! ~November 22, 2017~28k R E A D S!!!

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Next Aven...
by LornaCyla