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  • Dante
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    Skye Miller thinks her life is perfect, until her mom ditches her in Spain and she has to agree to become a stripper for an unfairly gorgeous man. She thought agreeing to this strangers conditions was the only thing she could do, unless she wanted to starve to death as a hobo in a foreign country. Dante Gomez is the...

  • The Unloved One
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    [08/25/2021 - future plans for this story to be rewritten] The freak show of Seaside High is nice. Too nice for her own freaking good. She compliments strangers. She smiles at anyone that passes by. And for some reason, her fellow peers despise her. But like all human beings, she has imperfections as well. She drinks...

  • Worth The Shot
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    "Promise you won't forget about me." I sniff while holding his shirt tight letting my tears stain his shirt. He better not or I will personally hunt him down to kick his ass. "Never." He said with so much assurance I almost believed him. Almost. Cause I know one thing is for sure... He will forget about me. ~.~...