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  • Lauren Jauregui Imagines
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    This is dedicated to Lauren Michelle Jauregui and her extremely gorgeous mind, voluptuous body, and carefree soul. #6/27

  • Bad Girl
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    tons of smut and I mean tons camren fanfic lauren jauregui and camila cabello meet at a party, hook up and think they'll never see each other again. wrong. what's happens when camila see's lauren at school and she's the new girl? - must be following me to read cause of something with wattpad like that private sorry :...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine- (Fifth Harmony/You)
    188K 6.9K 4

    You are a badass with tattoos, nose piercing, tongue piercing, some ear piercing but your a nice new student in Miami High School and then some 5 hot girls are head over heels for you. Who among them is going to be your girlfriend? Is it Ally? Is it Camila? Is it Dinah? Is it Lauren? Or is it Normani? Or is it all? re...

  • You Can Trust Us (You/Fifth Harmony)
    415K 14.2K 42

    You’re a sixteen year old who’s lived in the Mission District of San Francisco your entire life. Your parents died in an accident at age eleven, leaving you to the foster care system because there’s no other family to take care of you. You’ve been in six foster homes and are currently on number seven. After your curre...

  • Better Together (Camren)
    404K 8.4K 32

    Lauren Jauregui is a nobody at school but that all changes when the most popular girl, Camila Cabello, starts to talk to her. But Lauren's friends think Camila and her friends will just hurt her in the end. Will Lauren ignore her? Or keep being her friend, maybe even more?

  • Camila/You/Lauren
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  • You Bring Out the Best In Me
    311K 6K 46

    Normani, Ally, Dinah, Camila, and Lauren were each the most popular girl in their old school. They meet in detention on the first day at their new performing arts boarding school and instantly hate each other. They soon learn that they are all assigned to the same dorm room. But the problems don't stop there. One of t...

  • Nirvana - Sequel to "I've Always Been Around" (Camren)
    206K 4.1K 17

    Sequel to "I've Always Been Around"

  • Bad Romance // camren
    1.5M 35.6K 74

    “She's dangerous. She's no good for you. You're going to get hurt. But Camila knew”

    Completed   Mature
  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    So here are some 5H imagines! (: and if you're uncomfortable with this stuff, then don't read!

  • Care For Me
    35.3K 1K 18

    Camila and Dinah have gotten really close over the summer that Camila started having feelings for her. Dinah has a girlfriend already but what happens if Camila confesses? Will Dinah care for her? Read to find out!

  • Love & Basketball (caminah)
    27.2K 756 16

    Dinah is captain of the basketball team but when Camila cabello joins the cheer leading squad can Dinah keep her game up or will she be to busy looking a cabello read to find out

  • We're A Secret (Camren)
    650K 11.7K 31

    Camila met Lauren in the cafeteria the first day of high school. At first glance, there was already a certain attraction between them, but they had no idea where it would lead them. There are so many bumps in their road, like Lauren's inappropriate tendencies, Camila's total lack of experience, or a stupid boy that wa...

  • Keeping Distance (Dinah/You)
    168K 5.5K 36

    You are a Harmonizer and you just can't stop talking about Fifth Harmony... Your home life isn't that great though, you are an only child, your father isn't the best, in fact he is the worst. He brought nightmare to you and your mom. And your mom, she was the best that ever happened to you. Then A tragedy came crashi...

  • (Camren) My BO$$
    36.4K 915 22

    Camila was a designer , she's working at the most famous clothing line at there country. Her boss is so kind to her he treated Camila like his own daughter , all of his love and support was given to Camila , her Boss's name is Mike Jauregui ,he have a daughter but she's far and they don't actually talk to each other s...

  • Lern Jergi Imagines :)
    1.9M 42.2K 114

    A bunch of Lauren Jauregui imagines...

  • Both (Camila/Lauren/You)
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    You and your Bestfriends, Lily and Cara (yes, it's Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne. they're your bestfriends in this story), are famous youtubers, you sing and you're a lesbian. You're also a big Harmonizer. But when you knew that Lauren and Camila have a huge crush on you almost fainted. When Fifth Harmony invited y...

    Completed   Mature
    9.3K 187 7

    Just some imagines of you and the girls So leave and idea and I'll try to do it It will be in what ever order.

  • Click! *Camren fanfic*
    1.3K 57 6

    I do not remember why I began my job but I'm so glad that I did. I get to follow celebrities around and get the inside scoop on what really happens within the life of singers. The one I am particularly interested in is a group called audiosound, a all female group constituting of Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Normani Hamil...

  • Smile for me(Laurinah Fanfic)
    233K 6.5K 64

    The description is contained within the story. You have to read it or you'll be a little lost for a while.I know the prompt was taken from another fanfic on wattpad, but It was taken off. It was really good and I would like to make a story based off of it. I'm not sure if I'm good, so give me some suggestions and idea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    I'm gonna try writing imagines instead of a fanfic. Hope you like it!

  • Too Much to Hide (Demi Lovato/Fifth Harmony Fanfic)
    216K 5.1K 43

    Hannah is a lovatic who is suffering. What will happen when she sees Demi in concert, and they both stay in the same hotel for two weeks?

  • Everlasting Love (Dinah/you)
    27.3K 962 4

    You are a huge fan of Fifth Harmony and of course you're a Dinah girl. You've been in love with Dinah since the moment you laid eyes on her, but sadly she has no clue of your existence. That is until you Goto the m&g for the girls new headlining reflection tour. Will Dinah be love struck as soon as she meets you or wi...

  • Blank Space (camren)
    671K 16.9K 38

    Lauren Jauregui still feels a blank space that makes her feel like she's missing something, an empty feeling. She's still trying to fill it in, due to her ex's that never really fit that feeling. What if she meets Camila Cabello along the way? -Inspired and kind of based off by Taylor Swift's "Blank Space"

  • The Fighters (Caminah)
    6.2K 230 7

    'You're the one saying play with a loaded gun and i'm just the idiot who keeps following that advice.' They've always had different definitions of strong but neither one knew what just hit them. *adding trigger warning here so you know*

  • Euphoria (Camren) (fifth harmony)
    737K 14.4K 37

    A Camren Fanfic. Camila befriends Lauren when she first moves to Miami, but then Lauren just ditches Camila. A few years later, they are both in high school and Lauren wants to be friends again with Camila. Things then start to get interesting

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
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    I'll be writing imagines for each of the girls. I take requests :)

  • Fifth Harmony IMAGINES
    199K 4.7K 25

    I write imagines of five insanely beautiful and talented girls known as Fifth Harmony. * - explicit content/trigger warning

  • The Tour Vlogs - Lauren Jauregui
    85.5K 2.4K 24

    Alexia. A YouTube singer and vlogger. When she gets a call and is told that she is going to be going on the Neon Lights Tour with Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and Cher Lloyd she is so excited. Will she fall for any of the girls on the tour? Or will she get into a load of trouble? Find out in The Tour Vlogs...