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  • One Way Or Another(On Hold)
    47.7K 1.1K 14

    Enter, Ashley Emers (Ash for short) is an average 17 old werewolf. Her life so far has been without any excitement or drama, but that all changes when the Alpha's son comes back from a long trip. Ash, having never met the soon-to-be-Alpha, doesn't pay any attention to his coming home, that is until she discovers a sta...

  • Expecting the Unexpected
    17.9K 612 21

    Sophia had always been brought up with the saying 'expect the unexpected.' But not even expecting the 'unexpected' could prepare her for the true horrors out in the world. Instead, she had to find that out for herself. She's gone through many people's worst nightmare, and survived, but barely. The only person able to...

  • Alpha's Mate, Rogue's Obsession
    2M 16.2K 15

    "You do want this Spencer, and you do want me," his smooth velvety voice whispered to me. I didn't know what to say, he was right . . . how was this possible? When Spencer Montgomery travels to a small town to meet her brother's new girlfriend, she meets more than she bargained for. Alpha Xander Cousland had lost ho...

  • When The Dark Moon Rises
    99K 2.7K 13

    Sarahlena Hayes has no one left, until she finds her mate that is. He rejects her, but she can't run or hide. She stays to put up with the constant pain in her chest of him sleeping with other girls and the fact she was rejected. When a pack comes to her pack's land for training, they offer her a once in a lifetime op...

  • A White Wolf
    933K 27.4K 42

    To Ally Stone being a White Wolf is both a privilege and a curse. On the one hand having the power to protect her family from danger is what everyone wants but having people hunt her so they can harness that power? A definite downside. What happens when Ally moves to a new town only to find her mate, long lost family...

  • Wolf Blood
    4.9K 84 10

    Trey had just moved to Barre Vermont when he found his mate. She was gorgeous in every way possible. After thinking his life was finally perfect tragedy struck and his family was taken to a great loss. Trey is out for blood. With the help of his friends he plans on bringing this person to his death. But there will be...

    77.9K 1.2K 18

    After Hazel Smithe lost her best friend in the world, Evan, who also happened to be her boyfriend, she decides to give up on love. She promised herself that she would never love again, but when her family decides to move back to the town she grew up, a mysterious new boy changes everything. Not only does she have to f...

  • Torn From Reality.
    10.5K 212 9

    What do you do when most of your life has been a lie? Jade believed she was an average teenage girl, but soon enough her life is turned upside down. Sold into the sex trade Jade looses all hope. But when a mysterious young man enters her life, purchasing her from the trade what path will her life take? Thrown into a...