When The Dark Moon...
By Phoenixbaby
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  • mate
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Sarahlena Hayes has no one left, until she finds her mate that is. He rejects her, but she can't run or hide. She stays to put up with the constant pain in her chest of him sleeping with other girls and the fact she was rejected. When a pack comes to her pack's land for training, they offer her a once in a lifetime opportunity. She is given the chance to leave this horrible life behind, so she does what any other wolf would do, she takes it. Parker Daniels, the popular kid and soon-to-be Alpha. On his eighteenth birthday, he discovers his mate is Sarahlena, the ugly and fat loser. He does what anyone else would do, rejects her. He tries to find another to replace her, but he can't when he wakes up and she's gone. Hurt and now alone, he tries to find her, but what if she's really gone for ever? An epic mate rejection story.

Chapter One~Fate's Funny Ways

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When The...
by Phoenixbaby