One Way Or Another(...
By mymemoriesandi
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Enter, Ashley Emers (Ash for short) is an average 17 old werewolf. Her life so far has been without any excitement or drama, but that all changes when the Alpha's son comes back from a long trip. Ash, having never met the soon-to-be-Alpha, doesn't pay any attention to his coming home, that is until she discovers a startling fact between the two of them. What could it be perhaps? Cue, Blake Westfield, son of the Alpha and everyone's dream guy. Having the looks of a god he has all the girls swooning at his feet. Blake never would have imagined he would meet his mate the day he came back to school. But claiming what is his, will be much harder than he would have thought. How will Blake get the girl? Ashley will find out that her life has just taken a turn for the worst, or for the better? Will these two love birds hold through and stay together or will the pressures of drama and safety drive them apart?

One Way Or Another

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One Way O...
by mymemoriesandi