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  • More than a Broken Doll (BoyxBoy)
    7.3K 397 20

    Everyone had terrible things happen in their lives, however Nori felt like he may have taken the cake when he becomes the new toy of a sociopath. A sociopath who just happened to be his teacher, Maximum. However maybe his luck changes when he meets Rylan... It doesn't. He just has an attractive detective to hang aroun...

  • Ravaged Souls (BoyxBoy)
    199 14 3

    Ari and Alex share a body, but not a personality. Because of this, it is almost to easy for them to get into trouble. Their current predicament includes an organization bent on keeping supernatural creatures in order, and really hot werewolf. Maybe their Esper Powers will get them out of it... or maybe it will make t...

  • An Ocean of Freedom (BoyxBoy)
    9.5K 396 7

    Daniel is a veterinarian at one of the largest sea parks in the world. It all seems run of the mill. He takes care of the animals at night and spends most of his time there. Of course the only reason he took the job was to help a protest group get the park shut down. His job gets a bit more difficult when they bring i...

  • My Demons
    27.8K 780 39

    Retelling of the funny and sexy romance of Junjou Romantica, from Usami Akihiko's point of view. His dark past will be revealed, but will he ever tell his dear Misaki? Why is he so reserved at times? Why does he eventually want to push Misaki away? A bit of OOC-ness. Song title: My Demons - Starset. Cover by the amazi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Feelings
    29K 811 22

  • Love Hurts (Ereri Fanfic)
    1.9K 56 7

    Eren Jeager grew up being different. After his mom's death things only got worse, for him and his sister. Until he met "Him", Levi Ackerman. Strong, scary, and known as the campus player. What happens when these two start dating. How long will they last?

    Completed   Mature
  • My Boys♡
    1.2K 35 7

    Oneshot ^^ 7 of them(or more) :3 Notes: Part 3 - watch video with sound. (Recommend to watch till the end)

  • The Inu's Knight -> Sasuke Love Story
    339 12 12

    Her love for Shino came to a end . Her love someone else started to grow. I do not own any of the Naruto characters. Mizuki is my character.