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Cooking classes by kurenohikari
Cooking classesby kurenohikari
After visiting Miyagi one afternoon, Shinobu finds a pamphlet for private cooking classes at M University and decides to take some after finally admitting how bad he tru...
Junjou Romantica: A New Editor by ZeeStar30
Junjou Romantica: A New Editorby Zee Star
Aikawa gets a promotion at work, leaving Akihiko to need a new editor. Of course he absolutely hates change when it comes to his work. It gets even worse when Isaka and...
Haunted Cabin(Junjou Mix) by yaoiricex
Haunted Cabin(Junjou Mix)by yaoiricex
The Junjou Romantica/Egoist/Terroist all go to a cabin for vacation. Once they arrive at the cabin, they start experiencing paranormal activity. They soon realize it's h...
Miracle or curse? - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Miracle or curse? - Junjou BerryBerryBlitz
Misaki hasn't been feeling well lately.... Usagi is beginning to worry about his adorable Misaki, a trip to the hospital leads them to an astonishing discovery.... Howev...
Junjou Romantica FanFic: Don't leave me. by shirodoragonu
Junjou Romantica FanFic: Don't Just A writer
This is a fanfic about an anime called Junjou Romantica, which I do not own sadly ;) Warning: contains yaoi/boy love/gay. Hope that you enjoy reading this ^_^
"Finally" UsaMisa Fanfic by Synoxie
"Finally" UsaMisa Fanficby Zarrie
A fanfic about our top favorite Romantica couple; Usagi x Misaki! Who doesn't love these two?♡
Saving Misaki (Junjou Romantica AU) by FarrahBoyd2001
Saving Misaki (Junjou Romantica AU)by Farrah Boyd
After the tragic death of Misaki Takahashi's family, he is left with nobody to fall back on. Therefore, he resorts in some rather upsetting measures to keep himself aliv...
私の美咲- My Misaki by Sapphire3721
私の美咲- My Misakiby Sapphire
Akihiko Usami is the type of guy that is always cautious of others. However, Takahiro Takahashi was able to break the walls constructed by Akihiko. As time passed Akihik...
Underestimated Pain- Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Underestimated Pain- Junjou BerryBerryBlitz
This is the sequel to my story 'Missing Misaki' it was requested so I decided that I might as well do a sequel. Misaki is recovering from his injuries still, Usagi has...
Six Days (Junjou Romantica) by 5huu53t5u
Six Days (Junjou Romantica)by Shuusetsu
Underneath his seat in the cinema was a phone vibrating. Picking it up, Usami was placed in the position to returning the lost phone. But trying to return it to Misaki w...
Smoke Trail - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Smoke Trail - Junjou Romanticaby BerryBerryBlitz
Usagi's habit has resulted in something he and Misaki never expected, will their love for each other prevail? Or will he succumb to it and fade? Misaki X Usagi This is Y...
Everlasting (Junjou Romantica Oneshot) by 5huu53t5u
Everlasting (Junjou Romantica Shuusetsu
Everyday, a twenty-five year old Takahashi Misaki would come to Usami Akihiko's home. The brunette acted as the man's right-hand after the author injured his hand. Most...
Coffee, Autumn Leaves, and Usagi (Junjou Romatica AU) by FarrahBoyd2001
Coffee, Autumn Leaves, and Usagi ( Farrah Boyd
Misaki Takahashi, after failing his practice exams, asks for help from his brother's best friend, a well-known author. Little did he know the situation's he'd be getting...
Crimson Tears - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Crimson Tears - Junjou Romanticaby BerryBerryBlitz
Misaki and Usagi decide to go shopping one day, however something neither of them expected happens, will they be able to get away unscathed? Or will crimson cover the fl...
One year (Usagi X Misaki) by the_3og
One year (Usagi X Misaki)by the_3og
While doing his daily things, Usagi gets a suspicious phone call from his father concerning Misaki. Usagi is to be without Misaki for one year in order for his father to...
After Effects - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
After Effects - Junjou Romanticaby BerryBerryBlitz
This is the sequel of crimson tears~ A mute Misaki is filled with unease with his memories, will Usagi be able to coax his emerald eyed lover to feel better? Will Misak...
Usagi x misaki smut (On Hold) by KoroCipher
Usagi x misaki smut (On Hold)by Koro Cipher
This is the main story line of junjunio romantica (yaoi)(boyxboy love) (GAY) at the beginning with a twist to it. I don't own the characters or the pics, (unless specifi...
When Love Strikes!(Usagi x Misaki) by ThatOtakuAuthor
When Love Strikes!(Usagi x Misaki)by ThatOtakuAuthor
This story, as you can see, will be about Junjou Romantica's main couple Usami Akihiko and Takahashi Misaki. In this little fanfic of Junjou Romantica, Misaki and Usagi...
I Missed You Too.  by bocchan_likes_sweets
I Missed You Too. by bocchan_likes_sweets
A very short story featuring the main Junjou Romantica couple- usagi and misaki. What happens when usagi comes back after a long trip? Shounen Ai fan fic. Thank you fo...
Romantica & Egoist One-Shots by AlphaWolf0215
Romantica & Egoist One-Shotsby Brittney Cremeans
My two favorite junjou romantica couples.??