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  • The Broken Luna's Fated Mate
    326 5 1

    Orphaned, bullied, and broken-can this rogue werewolf claim her fate as a powerful Luna? Lila Silverstone has spent her entire life being ridiculed. As an orphaned werewolf raised by Rogues, she works herself to the bone just to survive. But then the smoldering and mysterious Caden Wilder shows up on her doorstep and...

  • The Billionaire's Librarian Harem
    145 2 1

    She's a sexually inexperienced librarian; he's the dangerously hot billionaire owner of a private library that he's turned into an elite sex club. Can they keep their business strictly professional? When Rebecca Blaine, a dedicated librarian who specializes in erotic texts, takes a job at the renowned Montgomery Libr...

  • Resisting the Rival Alpha
    7.5K 150 2

    Lex Steele is a ruthless Alpha, a notorious killer, Kaelyn Hart's sworn enemy-and her fated mate. When he kidnaps her, what will she do? Kaelyn Hart has spent the years since her father's murder trying to step into his shoes as the Alpha of the Silverfang pack-and to avenge his murder at the hands of Lex Steele, the i...

  • The Dragon King's Au Pair
    72 2 1

    She hates the Dragons that rule over her. But can she resist the undeniable allure of the powerful Dragon King? Avaline, a humble human teacher, lives in fear of her world's dragon rulers. But when she saves the young dragon princess's life, she finds herself unexpectedly conscripted by the royal family as an au pair...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pregnant by the Sea Serpent
    233 8 1

    He's a monstrous sea serpent-and she's pregnant with his heir. When Liliana's boat crashes in a storm, a sexy stranger named Naithan saves her from the waters and helps her recover at his island home. As the days pass, Liliana can't fight her carnal desire for the strong and mysterious Naithan. But just as their relat...

  • The Billionaire's Pregnant Contract Girlfriend
    105 3 1

    She agreed to be his girlfriend-for a price. Having his baby was never part of the contract. When sexy but closed-off billionaire Ethan Albright meets beautiful medical student Heather at a bar and mistakes her as his escort for the night, the two have an unexpected night of passion that leaves both of them wanting m...

  • Alpha Cupid
    20 0 1

    Daphne gets struck by Cupid's arrow when she falls for a tech billionaire who just happens to be the god of love himself. Daphne's a hungry reporter on the hunt for her next big story when she decides to investigate the hottest dating app in town, Arrow. But she never expected to fall for the enigmatic tech mogul behi...

  • Traded to the Alien Prince
    43 2 1

    She's his unwilling captive-but can she resist this alien prince? Miranda Chase is thrilled to be part of the first expedition to meet newly-discovered aliens in uncharted space. But her crewmates betray her, handing her over to the aliens to be a part of a breeding program. Taken prisoner aboard a vast alien vessel...

  • My Five Santas: A Christmas Reverse Harem
    72 2 1

    One lucky lady lives out her fantasy of being a ho-ho-ho for the holidays in this reverse harem holiday romp! Maggie has been dreading her perfect younger sister's gigantic, holiday season wedding. At least her boyfriend Flynn will be a buffer between her and her difficult family. But when she and Flynn break up two w...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Billionaire Cowboy Under the Mistletoe
    53 4 1

    A handsome and mysterious cowboy might be the key to cheering up Sarah Delaney's Christmas blues. City girl Sarah Delaney hates Christmas and everything about it. It's not just about spending the holidays perpetually single, or the fact that her hometown, Mistletoe, Montana is aggressively Christmas-oriented. Christma...

    Completed   Mature