Traded to the Alien...
By yonderstories
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She's his unwilling captive-but can she resist this alien prince? Miranda Chase is thrilled to be part of the first expedition to meet newly-discovered aliens in uncharted space. But her crewmates betray her, handing her over to the aliens to be a part of a breeding program. Taken prisoner aboard a vast alien vessel, she belongs to Draek, the strangely handsome leader of the Schovalis. As she fights to get off the alien spaceship and back home, she begins to learn more about the Schovalis-and more about Draek. Soon, her desperation to get home is mirrored only by her desperation to feel his touch. Will she wrench herself away from Draek to find her way home, or will she give in to her desires and become his breeding-mate? WARNING: This story contains strong language, explicit sexual content, and depictions of war and conquest, fertility issues, pregnancies, adult kidnapping, gaslighting, and graphic depictions of death that may not be upsetting to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Cover design by The Cover Collection *** This story is part of a special collection of YONDER Originals now available on Wattpad! Unlock part-by-part or the full story with Wattpad Coins.

Chapter One: Missed Opportunity

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Traded to...
by yonderstories