My Billionaire Cowb...
By yonderstories
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A handsome and mysterious cowboy might be the key to cheering up Sarah Delaney's Christmas blues. City girl Sarah Delaney hates Christmas and everything about it. It's not just about spending the holidays perpetually single, or the fact that her hometown, Mistletoe, Montana is aggressively Christmas-oriented. Christmas is a reminder that her mom died on the holiday when she was eight. So when her dad calls her and begs for her help on their family tree farm leading up to the holiday, Sarah reluctantly agrees to visit, hoping she can escape before the holiday. But Mistletoe is not like Sarah remembers. It seems like there might be something fishy happening to the local businesses, including her father's. And the people aren't like she remembers, either: her high school boyfriend, Luke, is more handsome than ever, and there's a mysterious and sexy new cowboy in town, Mac. Will Sarah make it out of Mistletoe with her heart intact-or will the Christmas spirit move her to love? WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content and reflects on past childhood trauma that may be upsetting to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. *** This story is part of a special collection of YONDER Originals now available on Wattpad! Unlock part-by-part or the full story with Wattpad Coins.

Chapter One: New Rituals and Old Habits

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My Billio...
by yonderstories