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  • Sane // A Winter Soldier Story
    251K 12.4K 29

    What if Tony had convinced Steve to sign the accords immediately after the tunnel incident? What if Bucky had been sent to a psychiatric facility rather than Wakanda, and the downfall of the Avengers had never happened? James Buchanan Barnes is a walking shadow of his former self. His mind is a mess of half-memories...

  • Running Out » Quicksilver
    1.6M 54.8K 26

    BOOK ONE OF THE GOLDSTREAK TRILOGY They found her in the middle of the street, small hands woven into short, dark hair, bent over on her knees, sobbing her heart out as she trembled. It was Tony who did the assessment (because his suit made him good for that) and he was stunned to find the girl was giving off a heat s...

  • The Soldier's Return (A Bucky Barnes Post-Civil War Fanfiction)
    150K 4K 27

    On the outside, Claire Clarke is just like every other seventeen year old orphan. On the inside? Not so much. What orphan can create poison with a thought or paralyze someone with a clench of their fist? What orphan can control the powers of law and chaos using an ancient African stone? When Claire finds herself sucke...

  • Angel with a Shotgun | Destiel & Sabriel Highschool AU!
    701K 35.2K 41

    The Novaks and the Winchesters had been childhood friends ever since they were babies. But when Dean and Sam's mother gets murdered, John takes them away. Ten years pass and the Winchester's are starting a new school, only to find that they are about to run into their past! Will they become friends again, or will it b...