Sane // A Winter So...
By jordan7095
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What if Tony had convinced Steve to sign the accords immediately after the tunnel incident? What if Bucky had been sent to a psychiatric facility rather than Wakanda, and the downfall of the Avengers had never happened? James Buchanan Barnes is a walking shadow of his former self. His mind is a mess of half-memories, the only constant memory being of the color red. There's blood staining his hands- blood he never wanted there, but that's there nonetheless. When he's sent to the Virginia State Psychiatric Facility, just a few miles south of the capital of the United States, no one can seem to get much out of him. He remains just as mysterious as he was when he first walked in the doors. Until Athena, a specialist known for dealing with PTSD patients, is assigned to be his psychologist. And then suddenly a whole world of horrors is uncovered, and his repressed days of torture come screaming back to life in vivid color. As Athena gets to know him, she realizes that everything Steve has said- about Bucky being a victim, not a villain- is absolutely true. And suddenly she must fight to not only save Bucky from himself, but also to clear his name in the eyes of the world- because after all, she's the only one with undeniable proof of his past. The only thing is, she must find the courage to use it. Bucky x OC 《 copyright 2016 @jordan7095 》 Cover picture is not mine. it is from Tumblr. credit goes to whoever made it. #wattys-2018


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Sane // A...
by jordan7095