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  • The Lovely Princess of Hogwarts: The Rise of Octavia Lily Potter-Black
    1.8K 69 3

    Octavia Lily Potter-Black the Girl-Who-Lived was the adopted child of James and Lily Potter, along Sirius Black, she was found on their doorstep on July 31, 1980. Everyone who had seen her adored her, even the estranged sister of Lily and that whale of a husband of hers loves Octavia, adored her really; that they were...

  • Story Ideas, Sneak Peak & Drafts
    1.1K 29 17

    This book is created for my story ideas, sneak peaks of published books, and drafts for unpublished books to see if you guys will like them. It doesn't what fandom, what pairing it is. It will be here so you guys could see it :)

  • Petals | James Potter
    129 6 3

    Lily Potter perished in the 1981 attack on Samhain. However, her son and husband survived. Every day, James Potter hopes that the scenario is just a nightmare from which he will soon awaken. Unfortunately, it isn't, and after she passes away, James is left to raise his son Harry alone. As the so-called "Dark Lord" att...

  • The Stars That Crosses Worlds
    1.3K 45 6

    [This take place after the GMG on Chapter 15 in Tyrant Princess, but like 10 years later. This is basically the MHA X FT Crossover Spin-off.] A mission gone wrong. She blames her husband. Now she's in another dimension, in the body of an 14 years old girl. Heroes and Villains? What kind of stupid concept is that?! Sch...

  • His Wife
    22.8K 439 7

    Natsu hid something from the guild for a while. Starting from one month after Lisanna's 'death'. A pretty blonde haired woman appeared to the guild one day, looking for Natsu. Which was shocking for most of them, since most of the time the council is the only people looking for him. [Just to remind y'all the Xing back...

  • The Heir Who Lived | HP x WMMAP
    23.5K 471 18

    James fell in love with a "muggle" woman he met during one of their trips to muggle London. She was kind, smart, and beautiful. And she was actually a witch living in the muggle world She was one of a kind really. She was so accepting too. She accepted the marauders for who they are. "I accept you no matter what, flaw...

  • The Undying Hope | WMMAP X MHA
    49.7K 1.1K 15

    Izuku Midoriya, it wasn't his real name, that he knew. Inko Midoriya adopted him when he was left in her doorstep. But what he doesn't know until the battle of Kamino, his biological mother was from a different dimension, who was executed an hour after he was born. [This might be a short story.] Part 1 of Obelian Cros...

  • Son of the Forgotten Princess | hp x lp
    11.2K 395 12

    We all know how the story goes. There is one forgotten princess that lives in the Palace of Concubines, the Ruby Palace. The forgotten daughter of the late beloved woman of the cold emperor. Forever stuck in the barren palace. But that all changed when an unknown baby and a vial of potions appeared in front of her one...

  • Princess Imperial | LALU
    5.1K 228 5

    The usual troupe of the guild ignoring Lucy. But this time, she never left the guild. She merely blended in the shadows like the background characters that observe everything and everyone. She's the one that helps Makarov in his paperwork as a guild master. She was content with everything now. Gone with the revealing...

  • The Lonely Princess and The Lonely Professor [ FT X HP ]
    964 45 6

    Where Lucy accidentally got sent to England with a younger body by accident after she quitted Fairy Tail. [I ain't letting go of the Tyrant Princess background]

  • Family | HP x FT
    12.8K 349 17

    fam·i·ly /ˈfam(ə)lē/ They are there for each other in good and bad times no matter what. In the Fourth Year into Hogwarts they are reacting to Harry Potter's life before Hogwarts. Where it showed what a family truly meant.

  • Little Did You Know [COMPLETED]
    4.7K 198 7

    A short story that was inspired by a song called 'Little Did You Know'. Probably most part of the story is about depression. ******************************************************** It was just a misunderstanding..... I killed you with my own hands..... We brought you back.... You forgot about me and left with your si...

  • How come we didn't know there was an octoblob back then?
    1.5K 52 2

    Basically people from the Dekuverse book is going to watch the entire Assassination Classroom.

  • Moments With Them (Rewrite)
    10.4K 326 14

    [NEW SUMMARY] Lucy has been ignored by everyone else, except a handful of people. It was fine at first, until she was told of a shocking news that caused her to leave the guild without any words to anybody but the master. 3 years has passed, she has come back to the guild, looking worse, much worse than the handful ha...

  • 4 Kings
    7.1K 174 5

    It all happened under one night. The guild was partying for the celebration of Natsu's and Lisanna's relationship. Everyone should be happy, right? No. That wasn't what Lucy felt during that one, she admit. She loves the pyro. It broke her to see him being with another woman. Lucy to get some fresh air, she was in the...

  • Already Married
    24.8K 473 5

    Everyone have noticed the sudden change of Lucy. She was being cold towards them for a moment then being nice again, then she's been choosy on foods. This been happening since the Grand Banquet. She didn't want Wendy or Sherria or Porlyusica to check on her.

  • Dragneel Family[ON MAJOR HIATUS]
    91.3K 1.8K 12

    19 years ago. Lucy told Natsu she is pregnant. But Natsu told her to abort the child because they're to young to get married. She suddenly disappeared on that night. 19 years later. Storm Fullbuster went to Hargeon and met Nashi Heart, a local singer of Hargeon. He brought her to the guild. And introduce her to everyo...

  • I'm Sorry [COMPLETED]
    81.6K 2.9K 17

    Lisanna's return was the happiest day for Fairy Tail, except for Lucy. A month after her return, she was beginning to ignore by everyone, except for Master Makarov. One night, a horrible tragic happen..... Lucy Heartfilia were mysteriously killed on her own apartment. 6 month after her death, only the guild master kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Celestial Hero: Andromeda
    6.8K 213 6

    Where Izuku got reincarnated as Lucy Heartfilia, then went back to his/her original world.

  • Fairy Tail's Future!
    505K 4.6K 35

    A book where they watch themselves from the past and future. [Some are from the anime and manga while the others are my own work]

  • The Tyrant Princess
    37.9K 743 20

    A mysterious box crashed into the guild. It was identified to belong to the Kou Empire.

  • Dekuverse
    153K 2.5K 17

    Wherein, Class 1-A, 1-B, Shinso, Big Three, Eri, and many others were dragged for Hatsume's baby testing. she calls it,"Multiverse Viewing!"