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By libertiaxx
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Lily Potter perished in the 1981 attack on Samhain. However, her son and husband survived. Every day, James Potter hopes that the scenario is just a nightmare from which he will soon awaken. Unfortunately, it isn't, and after she passes away, James is left to raise his son Harry alone. As the so-called "Dark Lord" attempted to get rid of the boy as well, but failed, The Boy-Who-Lived is renowned throughout the wizarding community for having slain Lord Voldemort on the same night that Lily was killed. James is only doing his best to raise Harry in the most conventional way he is able to, but it is not an easy task. James is wallowing in worry since his two remaining best friends are at odds with each other and one of his previous best friends is in Azkaban for betraying the Order. However, comfort arrives in the person of Anastasia Baihe Candmione, a young aristocratic and generous woman, and their initial meeting is nothing short of a coincidence during a cold Yule night. James, though, couldn't help but smile in light since the passing of his late wife.

Chapter 1

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Petals |...
by libertiaxx