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  • Catoniss, Forever Yours
    9.3K 225 6

    This is for all the hard-core tributes! Katniss Everdeen has been unlucky from her beloved sisters name has been reaped. Not only is she facing most likely iminent death but probably at the hands of her one true love, Cato. Ah just saying in the book it is additional to the story Suzanne Collins Created but after a...

  • The Hunger Games: A Change In Heart
    1.4M 40.2K 46

    What if Peeta and Katniss never teamed up? What if Katniss finds trust in the most unlikely person? When Katniss volunteers for her sister, her only thought is to make it back to Prim. But what if another tribute catches her eye? Can she survive the Hunger Games? Can she figure out her mixed feelings for Cato? ...

  • Kato: Forbidden Love
    5.9K 196 5

    What if Peeta never loved Katniss? What if Katniss found love with someone else? What if Katniss found love in the most forbidden place? This isn't starcrossed love, this is forbidden love. Copyright © Dragamira 2014

  • The Hunger Games: A change In Mind ( a sequel to A Change In Heart)
    618K 17.7K 37

    *Okay so this is a sequel to my book called a change in heart * so don't read this unless you read my first one or you will be really confused. :)))

  • Forbidden Love : A Katniss and Cato Love Story
    30.8K 645 13

    What happens when Katniss Everdeen falls for Cato a career? Will he return her love or will he murder her brutally in, The Hunger Games. Copyright © Georgia Ward 2012

  • Yours Truly » Catoniss
    15.4K 689 17

    [ON HOLD] . "You're the one thing I'm sure of that I could never forget." alternate-universe. copyright 2015 © guavas.

  • A Chance For A Heart
    44.5K 1.3K 31

  • Catoniss Forbidden
    5.6K 158 3

    Katniss volunteered for the brutal Hunger Games to save her sister but Cato volunteered because he could. The two opposite ends of a magnet are set to be face to face, for life or death. Anything else is forbidden.

  • Spitfire » Catoniss
    2.8K 112 4

    "Just so you know, I'll be here when you make it home." alternate-universe. copyright 2015 © guavas.

  • Love Found By Two Hearts
    9.5K 265 7

    The Unlikeliest of Romances begins... Cato/Katniss **Disclaimer. All of the characters belong to Suzanne Collins.**

  • Limited~ Cato and Katniss fan fic
    54.7K 1.5K 27

    Love, friendship, betrayal and trust. The 74th Annual Hunger Games has begun and Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are District 12's tributes. But what happens when Cato, a District 2 tribute, has a soft spot for Katniss? The games are about to get interesting, and they're going to be pushing the limits to fight for...

  • The Forbidden Love-The Hunger Games
    53.1K 1.7K 30

    An action romance story about Katniss and then she meets Cato and everything changes..........

  • Just another Kill
    1.5K 44 7

    What happens when your enemie falls for you? Do you kill them? In the Hunger Games it's either kill or be killed but when Cato and Katniss come in contact with one another will cato's feelings get in the way or will katniss be just another Kill? will Katniss let Cato perish knowing his feelings or will she fend for hi...

  • You're mine-Catoniss oneshot
    5.3K 121 1

    Peeta says that he's in love with Katniss in his interview, but no on knows Katniss real love is Cato...