A useless gay who's in love with Lauren jauregui, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Camila Cabello, Marie avgeropoulos Zendaya, Lindsey Morgan, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, Ariana Grande, Selena gomez, Taylor swift, Emma Watson, Margot Robbie, Emma Mackey and Billie eilish.
🌈✨C A M R E N✨🌈
•It's camren yo!
•"BOYS SUCK"~Camila Cabello
•I was queer but she was not....sure Lauren
•Shawmila's just as real as Kardashians
•I want someone to look at me like Lauren looks at Camila

🌈✨C L E X A✨🌈
•KLORK~lexa kom trikru
•Clarke: *marries lexa*: I did it for my people.
•May we meet again 😭😭
•Lexa: a whipped useless lesbian
•Life should be about more than just surviving

🌈✨E M I S O N✨🌈
•I like boys~ Alison diLaurentis....sure you do honey
•Maya is the only girl I ship Emily with except Alison
•Paige can die
•Jealous Ali is my favourite
•The kissing rock is their place😭💖
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