Hi everyone!
          	I'm now resuming rewriting 'Love Me Again'! Wattpad release will be once a week!
          	I do offer early access chapters on my Patreon page. You can check it out if you are interested!


Hey there. I was wondering if you plan to update "Love me again" anytime soon. By the way, you are an amazing writer and I really love your stories ❤


@yueteacake thank cant wait to read it again


@TheAnonymousMess Hi! 'Love Me Again' will resume on 24/7/2021!
            Thank you for giving my stories a try~


Hey i loved you from long back.  I would like to read your new one's and old one's if they are posted in marry for your money ( book 2 ) was my personal favorite  it is female lead having  some negative  shade.  I am a big fan of your writing  


@user96928236 same with me! I'm honestly kinda baffled when i don't see the book in my reading list bcs it's my go to fav book that i don't mind reading over and over 


@user96928236 hello! Thank you for reading 'Marry you for money'!
            Um, I won't be posting the old version. As for the new one, I will only rewrite it after I finish rewriting the first book >.<


          After quite some consideration, I decided to delete @vamriesilvern account and merge it with Yue Teacake (this account)
          It will be much easier to manage and could also group it all as western oriented genre.
          I will be posting 'Love Venom' here!


You can leave the old version of marry you for money. I really love it


@TAlogirl I won't change much for this book, only some facts, and background to match with the first book >.< I will start re-uploading the book after I'm done with 'Marry you for baby'


To all my lovely readers!
          I'm sorry, but you all have to wait longer for the next chapters >.<
          I'm busy with my other penname stories (my main writing gig is @chocolily ) and do not want my attention to split into too many directions while writing, or there will be inconsistency with my character's personality.
          As for when I will continue writing ( 'Love Me Again' first), that will be after I'm done posting 'Love Venom' by @vamriesilvern 
          I'm sorry for my inactiveness!