she/her !°! I'm your wife (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u don't know it yet but Iam.

We eat the Lemon but deep inside we know WE ARE the Lemon 🍋and the lemon is us, so we eat ourselves💁we must act like the lemon just bend your back like your about to take a shit⤵↔⤴and contract your ass muscles⏪ so it looks like your flat then push out a little↗ then paint yourself green ☺and when u truly find the lemon within you, 😔you'll automatically become ripe and yellow like the lemon. 🍋 to be the lemon cause u cannot be the lemon without BEING the lemon.
So when life gives u lemon whi- which is you, so when life gives lemonade out of ...yourself -😃uh, then, drink it...?😺i guess
  • John:15;5 -7
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