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Um guys this is kinda important. Please read this, I'm sorry to annoy you like this.
          idk if you know about this already but,
          solin is an army battling cancer. She's been fighting for a long time, but now she has less than a month to live. She wrote a letter from her heart to BTS on weverse, and we are trying to trend it so that BTS can read it. I will share the hashtags under which it can be found below.
          When I read her letter today, I felt so sad, i never want this for someone, and I really hope that BTS see it. So I vowed to put in all my effort and inform everyone ik
          Please cheer for this post on weverse if you have it, alternately, this sweetheart army is also trying to trend it on twitter. since I don't have twitter, I'm trying to spread the word. She's really brave and strong. please ask as many people as you can to cheer for her post and leave nice and supportive comments and messages, she actually goes through the comments so it would really help to boost her morale
          I'm trying to help the best I can, and I'm really sorry of disturbing you like this, but please tell everyone you can. 
          The hashtags you can use to find her post on weverse are: #thankyouarmyfam #farewellbtsarmy #farwellbtsarmy #Solinlovesyou
          You'll actually have to scroll down to the very bottom to find her post, due to a lot of posts in support of her using the same tags, but please don't worry, it's there
          Some angels have also translated her post to korean, so that bangtan can read it easier 
          There is also the sweetheart of an army I mentioned before. They are doing everything they can, by also forming a gc? on twitter to successfully trend it with a plan. They have posted an informative post about the whole thing under the hashtag: #SolinWeCanDoThis on weverse
          Their twitter user is: @ryoziche1
          Please idk copy paste this wherever you can and please spread the word.
          And cheer for the posts if you're on weverse! But just telling someone is okay too
          Thank you so much