Hi again everyone, 
          	A little update: the person who posted Unholy Matrimony has taken it down from their blog and messaged me to apologize and all if forgiven.
          	Now for some good news: I've (tentatively) started writing again! I've actually written a chapter of Best Friends Forever and I'm kind of proud. I'm going to try to get back into the swing of writing and hopefully get it off of hold soon!! 
          	Anyway, thanks again to everyone ❤️ you guys are seriously the best ❤️❤️❤️


@xxinlove Hope it's not paid.. I'll just wait for it to be unlock .. me antisipating and hoping.


Such good news! I'm glad that the person cooperated with you. I actually wasn't expecting that because others would choose to just ignore which makes everything more difficult than it should be. 


@xxinlove I love your writings... Never give up sis


Hey I've updated my wattpad to continue reading the unholy matrimony but it still ain't working....


OMGG GIRRLL I JUST REALISED YOU GOT THE WATTPAD STAR BADGE CONGRATS OMGGGGG , like being here reading your books from the start literally the start hehe its what you deserve !!! much love and congrats your work deserves all the appreciation lyy.


In the past few days I have binge read Unholy Matrimony and a Best Friend Forever and I must say they are amazing. I was able to relate to the characters and the storyline. Depression is a hard thing for both the individual as well as their loved ones, but suicide is a topic not many will understand. Our family has lost a lot of loved ones to suicide over the past few heads and it’s a hard pill to swallow when you realize that person was so unhappy that they felt being gone was a better solution....thank you for these stories and the awareness to suicide. I hope people grasp some of the red flags of someone who is severely depressed and suicidal so they can potentially help them. Again love you work and can’t wait to read the rest of best friends forever. I hope you are able to finish it soon ❤️


Hello writer, can I translate your novel of Holy Marriage into Arabic and publish the book on my personal page?


just a thought... i read UM back when it was free and you were updating. just wanted to say i wish you had simply unpublished the book here and actually published the book on amazon or something rather than give into wattpad’s stupid coin system :(( as a long time wattpad user, this site/app has always been marketed as free but when you have to pay for access to the best books on the entire platform, there’s no point. so many people would buy the book off amazon or whatever, including me, and i’m sure you’d make more money, because i completely understand why you want to profit off your book.. anyone would. but still, i hope you take this into consideration and actually publish the book :) 


@reecemendes I honestly agree, I would rather have the book on print. Thank God I read the book 6 times before it became a paid stories. It's honestly one of my favs on wattpad.


Hey can you please read my work and vote it will mean a lot to me ...as it is my 1st work  ^_^
          [Best Friend Quotes®✔]
          ~ Thank you ♥♥♥love love