Omg it's been forever. I really miss this site. How you all been? If you ever wanna ask me questions come to my new Instagram. Lol I'm so late in starting one
          	Hope to see you all and stay safe?


@xxWhoAteMyCookiexx , hey. Hope you are ok. Ever going back to Shay and Channing? Love your writing, your characters, and the story. Please stay well


@xxWhoAteMyCookiexx Hard to believe you're still active after almost 10 years


@xxWhoAteMyCookiexx So excited to have you back. Right when I decided to revisit too! Also cool to put a face to the writing.


Its been what 6 yrs and i still keep coming back to your stories and Waiting if you will update somehow.. but it looks like you still haven't open this account i wish your okay or alive ?  I mean you know your one of my favorite author in this app i wish you comment here and tell us if u have another account if u cannot access this anymore i will follow u there i just want to read another stories coming from you. I wish u understand my English its not my first language but im trying. I hope ur always happy, healthy and successful.  Love, may