One cold February morning, I woke up to find that it was my birthday. It was a Friday. A school day. Friday mornings I had PE. I hate PE. I hate cold mornings. All of a sudden, whilst I was doing PE a certain bell rang (the fire alarm) , which in any other case I would have thanked but in this case. PE, morning and cold. Nope! No waaaay! It gets worse. I'm in only shorts, a loose top and trainers. 

It starts snowing. My hair is straight for the special occasion (if my hair gets even the slightest bit wet it goes all curly, an explosion, as if I've just had an electric shock). I'm shivering and rubbing my hair like it's the only chance of my survival for my straight hair, hoping no one would see me looking like the fool I was. But no. I'm first in the register so therefore I stand at the front. Where the other thousand students watch me desperately seeking mercy from something to save me from humiliation.
However, fate has other things in store for me. Like my embarrassing form tutor (home room teacher). She asked me if I was okay since she could see I was practically dying. Then I told her my situation. In order to help me she does the one thing that could make everything worse. She hugs me. More like suffocate me to death in front of thousands of others. Enclosed me with her deadly arms. My only chance of escape was if someone helps me. I seek for help from my friends, who do nothing but laugh at my paralysed state. I look around and all I can see is a certain jerkface I know laughing at me and pretty much half the school trying to keep their laughter in.

All this on my birthday. Somehow it was still the best birthday of my life.

RIP 9/2/2018 or for all u weird Americans 2/9/2018

A year later and I'm now suspended. . .

Two years later and 'danger to life' warnings are issued because of a storm. . .
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