"Books give a soul to the universe. Wings to the mind. Flight to the imagination. And life to everything." -Plato

Hey, hey, hey! What's up people of Wattpad? I am xXSilver-BulletXx, but you can call me Sil, Silver, Bullet, Bull, Silver Bullet... I don't really care what you choose to call me. Anyway, thank you for visiting me here on my account. I appreciate the time you've taken, and if you manage to deal with my personality up until reading this sentence, congratulations, I love you! Since you've made it this far, I'll actually tell you a bit about me, because that's what this is for... right?

Well, I'm fourteen, and I've been writing since I was like 7-8, well that's as long ago as I could remember anyway. I've always loved to tell stories and when a friend of mine got me obsessed with Wattpad. I'm super open to reading others work and giving feedback as long as they actually take the time to read mine and give valuable feedback in return. I love to make friends, and am easy to get along with!

I've technically been on Wattpad about three years, but that was a different account. I decided to start fresh, which brings us to today. If you're actually on my account, chances are (at the moment) you found me through my book the Mate Crest. I really appreciate you coming here, and if you follow, welcome to the family. *gives big hugs* I hope you stick around and actively say hi. I love to hear anything you guys want to say, and I'm always up for a conversation in PM if you'd prefer. If you've made it this far now, thank you so much, and I still love you.

Have a fantastic day, and I hope to hear from you all some time. Bye!
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