Yooo what are the chances of seeing you on Wattpad? High, actually since your such an amazing and popular writer. So are you originally a Wattpad write or are you like me where you started writing on Quotev before Wattpad?


Hi there! I just finished the “speak” book and it’s so amazing!! I read the entire thing in 2 days I’m literally being serious my screen time yesterday on Wattpad was 12 hours. So yeah obviously the story was really good and I really enjoyed it! Just thought I would let you know:))) keep writing amazing stuff and I hope ur proud of urself aha


Hi!!! I just wanted to say that I really love your story "Speak". While I was reading it, I listened to "Je te laisserai des mots" from Partick Watson and it made me create this scenario in my head and I wanted to ask if I could ask you to write it. Only if you have time and really, really want to. Here's the idea: y/n is a shy and kind person who has social anxiety through the whole story, their personality will not change, it's just the way they are. Now they are also part of  UA(transfer). But y/n also has a deadly ilness that they know but kept hidden from others. And they fall in love with someone.(Could be Tamaki, Katsuki, Kirishima, Todoroki, Hawks or Dabi (with the last two they are not a student)).
          You could choose the ending for the reader, sad or not. But could you make the story a little based on the song? Again only if you really want to. You can also adjust the story idea if you feel like it. But if you really write it, could you notice me?
          Thank you for reading through this and maybe for the future book.