hey guys. university has been so stressful :( miss u all, miss writing when life was easier  </3 


miss u!! but take your time ❤️❤️


we miss you!!!! and we understand. hope you’re doing well <3


          	  yeah same, this year my last year  in university i can't wait to graduate :l 


Well I can here to ask abt deception but it seems that other ppl have already done so hehe. I hope the update is soon, I can’t be left on a cliff hanger 


Hey will you be updating deception? It's one of my favourite books here. I've noticed your writings take a dark subject and you try to understand why people are tempted by it, but you never glamorise it or present it in an unrealistic way. I really appreciate that


Homewrecker was one of favorite books of all time. I've never read something so realistic and epic. I loved every inch of your writing. You are so talented and I hope your books published someday cause people would definitely buy it. Thank you for creating such a spectacular book and I loved the ending. Your book screams perfection. Can't wait to read more stories from you.