Girl Like Me by Jasmine Sullivan


Don't let this world and all these fake people upset you
          Keep your head high you should know that you special
          Had to leave 'em all behind so I could find myself
          But they say if they really love you then they'll never forget you
          They say that all the people with gifts are born with a curse
          Everything I try, I feel like it never works
          I'm either fighting myself in my head or fighting my family
          Like nobody understands me and holiday's are the worst 'cause
          It seems like the worlds smiling without me
          I know what they say when they talk about me
          I know they look at me wish I was gone
          I'm a mess I'm depressed ~ phora 
          I feel so empty , numb ..I’m so tired ..I don’t wanna be here..


Just came across your page. Hope you're doing okay.


are you okay? you can message me if you need someone to talk to :) I’ve battled with depression before too