also, i don't know who did this but this isn't me! please ask before you do things like this! 


@writewithmae Hello :O I like your poetry so much, would you like to read mine too? thanks


I love your poetry, It's really inspiring and beautiful, I just started wattpad and wondered of you can check out and give feedback on it.
          	  it is called The Voice of the Voiceless (https://www.wattpad.com/story/207676810-the-voice-of-the-voiceless) It would be amazing if you read it 
          	  But it doesnt have much since I just started


@writewithmae Well I think I saw a comment somewhere on your profile before. It's gone now, but the comment (sorry I forgot the user's name) asked you if they could share your works on another site or something. I don't think you replied to it. P.S.: your works are amazing =D


I really love your poems, those were deep and vague so your poems are attractive for me, thank you for writing ❤️
          You might want to read my works too, hope you like it and if you like it, please do vote and leave your comments as well :>
          Pardon me so much for plugging my works here but I hope you'll really read it and give it a chance, thank you for even taking the time to read this ❤️


Hello! I know this is super random, but I really love your book covers, and I was wondering if you made them yourself, and if not, where you found them, because I really love the whole energy that comes from them and really want something like it. I know that you get a bunch of messages on here and that you probably are very busy with everything else in your life, but I would really appreciate if you were to respond.


Hi!! I became inspired to say my words to the world because of you, thank you for that. If you would like to spare anytime for me, can you check my newly book? it's just sample i guess. It's a privilege to notice by you. Thank u again *sending loves*


Hey!  Im a new user here and im passionate about writing can you please spare a minute of your time to check my work..would love to know your opinion!  
          Thank you! :)


Hi,let me present myself.
          An 10 years old kid who loves writing poetry while satting under the three.
          Your poetry inspires me i love the way you write and the way you give it emotions.
          You really inspired me,i love your poems lots of kisses muaw.
          A 10years old writer that got supports from another young writer.


Hello! Sorry for plugging in. But please check out my very first book on Wattpad. I would very much appreciate it. Don't forget to vote and write your opinions and suggestions about it. Thank you!
          Check it out:


Hi! I really loved your poems so much that it inspired me to write my own as well. I really wish I could be as good as you! Please do read mine if you want to, and I’m open for constructive criticism! So sorry for disturbing and ILY! https://my.w.tt/FuHsptHZ66