also, i don't know who did this but this isn't me! please ask before you do things like this! 


@writewithmae Well I think I saw a comment somewhere on your profile before. It's gone now, but the comment (sorry I forgot the user's name) asked you if they could share your works on another site or something. I don't think you replied to it. P.S.: your works are amazing =D


I love your writings so much if you can please check out my books
          The colour of you and stars within you by @drea_a


          I have read some of your writings and have really liked them. The fact that I felt the words you said and experienced what a lot of them described made me love them even more.
          After a long debate with myself, and after reading many poetry books on wattpad, I decided to try and start publishing my own. If you could spare me a minute and check it out I would be grateful. 
          Have a beautiful day!!!


          This is just to tell you that your writing is beautiful and full of life. Never hear what others tell you. Keep your head high and your pen in your hand....


Hi, I would really appreciate it if you read my poetry books and gave me some feedback. I'd like to become a better poet and any  advice from someone as talented as you would really help.


I really don’t want to self promote... but it would mean a lot to me if you, or anyone else viewing this comment could check out my poetry, it would mean a lot to me. Thanks.