Seungri stared out of his cell with hollow eyes. Grasping the cold metal bars, he watched the tiny sliver of sunlight illuminate the markings on the wall. Scratched onto the surface were lines marking the days he had spent here, which were a messy scrawl of strokes.
          	Through the slanting space of the outside world, he glimpsed a young girl through the gaps. Her face, haunted and gaunt, stood out among the pallid surroundings. But her eyes were bright - burning with a palpable heat that could only be anger and triumph.
          	She drew nearer to him, and, grabbing the metal grate that separated this monster from the living world, drew in closer to whisper her venomous yet truthful words.
          	"You thought you could get away. But power can only get you so far. Hurting others, spreading lies will not give you protection. I hope you rot in hell."
          	Seungri, the star that fell from grace, the shooting star that had burned all that it had touched, said nothing. There was nothing to say.
          	That was how he was. And how he would be for his unknown eternity.
          	Everyone say thank you to tzu @jiminfication for this seriously I can't believe what I'm doing lmao SERIOUSLY I NEED TO CHECK WHAT IM DRINKING OMFG


@winterlunium I may hqv squealed when you replied to my comment, I’m a very shy bean and don’t comment on a lot of things but just wanted to say thank you and I LOVE your fan fiction and hope you keep writing more!




@winterlunium i felt bad on hearing this whole case damn.... And so many ppl involved too! Never expected this much of a hugeass serious criminal case in kpop. Lets just hope all the innocent girls find justice :(


Yin... I just came into this BTS fandom last January 28, 2019 and I started in my Wattpad account in a first week of February. I heard a lot from you ever since I am scrolling through the news feed. I was told that you are lovely, nice, a total headass crackhead, a jungkook abs enthusiast, and a vmin supremacist... I just want to say hello through Twitter and I know that you won't read this but... it's time to get this off my chest. I've known you since March 2019. I want to interact with you through your Message Board but I just got shy since I am a small account and all... but 2 weeks after... you were unfortunately took your life. At first, I STRONGLY DENYING the fact that news is true. And later on... I realized that I was too late. I didn't even spare you even a single 'hello!' to you. I regretted the fact that I am being a coward for being so close-minded... You were just not a @/winterlunium of Wattpad, you are an angel, literally and figuratively. I hope that wherever you are... you are genuinely happy right now. You are very much loved and appreciated. Rest well, TaiYin. Borahae~! 


I'm a little late but its been a year yinnie. And a year and a half since i've known you. Wish i had talked to you earlier and made efforts to know you, but can you believe even withoit knowing you so closely i still miss you and that's the power your presence held angel. I wish you are in a much better place, and you are happy because thats what you deserve nothing but happiness and love ❤


last year, today. I didn't think I would hear from a friend that she was sad because you'd gone away. everyday I regret not being your friend, not using the time to tell you how wonderful of a person you were. I'm so sorry, yin. rest easy bb ❤


Yinnie!!! Hope you're doing all good up there, smiling and shining always. We miss you and we love you so much :") ♡