she/they (but questioning and idgaf abt pronouns tbh) 

pan and currently questioning everything

@softlyhood my favorite hoodie (my comfort zone and in cals lane)
i'd die just to see her happy🖤

please don't hurt yourself you are loved even if you don't believe it and/or can't love yourself🖤 if you want to talk just PM me i'm always here to listen to you i love you🖤

whatever your sexuality, gender identity, ethnic, race and religion is you are valid


'love is not a choice' - girls / girls / boys

5 seconds of summer▪️one direction▪️niall horan▪️liam payne▪️louis tomlinson▪️zayn malik▪️harry styles▪️ashton irwin▪️luke hemmings▪️panic! at the disco▪️imagine dragons▪️all time low▪️twenty one pilots▪️fall out boy

jammidodger▪️shaaba▪️one topic at a time▪️the click▪️the queer kiwi


i love cats (all animals really)
((especially duke and petunia and my kitten))

even though i read 5sos bxb i DO NOT ship them in real life

🖤i love sierra crystal and kaykay🖤

proud hufflepuff

my mental health is the worst

love you all ~i🖤
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