Hey i am searching for a Muslim couple book in which the has a boyfriend and she sleeps with him before marriage and everybody knows about this because of which her parents decided to get her married and the the guy they choose is rapist for the whole world but in reality he is the victim of rape by his aunt who is her mother's friend and his mother force him to marry to be the CEO of their company and give offer to heroine that she can divorce him later if she wants but when these both spends time together they fall in love with eachother and that girl exposed that aunt in front of world proove his inocent something like this


ARTF  hit 100k.
          I'm overwhelmed with the love it got.
          Even though it's just a short story and one of my experiments, I never imagined it hitting a milestone in less than a year. 
          Thank you, everyone, for reading it and loving it I'm forever grateful. Your love and supports mean the world to me!❤


@vision_studios Congratulations!!!❣


@vision_studios Congrats. You deserve this and so much more. Keep shining.




Hello! I hope you are doing well.
          I am Gurleen, a new small writer.
          I don’t know if you take/consider reading requests, and if you don’t sorry for disturbing/annoying you and wasting your time.
          I am a new writer and just published my first book ‘Incomplete Without You’ a few months ago. It hasn’t reached far but has constant weekly updates.
          So please give my book ‘Incomplete Without You’ a try if you would like too.
          It would mean a lot to if you did. 
          And if you do please do share your views (good and/or bad) on it through your votes and comments
          Thank you!
          With love, 
          ‘Incomplete Without You’ Book Link:



Okay, so my account is showing that I have zero followings and when I try to follow people it just not working. 
          Previously I noted that some of the people were missing from my following list but I just ignored that time... But now it's too much.
          My account is high on something.
          Ajeeebbbbbb pagal ha mera account...
          P.s: do tell me if this happen to anyone.


@vision_studios It must be hard for you! seeing your hard work vanishing into thin air give major fright, Glad to know you recovered everything, however, It didn't happen to me and  I had followed people all over again, my readings lists are not even recovered, so I had to create them again now!:'(
            Wattpad gives me headaches sometimes!


@vision_studios you've got 99 followers. It's just a wattpad glitch, which is more than enough to drive an author crazy. Ask me! I nearly lost my account, my stories, my votes, my followers and everything that's on wattpad. And then it all came back. Crazy wattpad and it's glitches.