republished texts lol (not edited), feel free to laugh at how cringe worthy it is just like i did


Thank you 


@ vilated  tHEY ARE BACK, THANK YOU!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ 


@vilated my... Notifications.. Lol thatnks 


I think this Account is inactive for awhile
          because you can't update the Quick Add 
          it was really upsetting 


Hey, I'm just an old reader and I loved your books and I really hope you are doing well and are keeping safe. I was wondering if you are going to republish any of your books? I'm not tryna pressure you or anything as you come first and so does your mental health and everything like that. Hope you're safe and quarantining!! Borahae


Hey girl, it's me Monaliza. Quite worried that you haven't been replying back and it's been like 3 months or more since you stopped. Please do check your PMs. ♡


hey uhm, are you okay? i tried accessing your “texts” book but it wasn’t available. what happened to it?


Hello dear AUTHOR-NIM! I hope you are doing well during this Pandemic, i just wanted to tell you that i came across your FF of Taekook, i.e, TEXTS and I'm LITERALLY HOOKED ON TO IT! I enjoyed reading it so much as I was progressing through the chapters and lemme tell ya, IT'S REALLY GOOD! I REALLY WANNA READ SOME MORE!!!!!! I hope you're gonna continue with the story even more 
          Kamsahamnida  BORAHAE  
          Much love 
          ~your fellow Reader!!!