i read ALL the comments on the last chapter of Quiet 2 so far and I expected people to not like it and there are a few... most of you are mixed with emotions of the love and hate or completely loved it! lmao! i wont make a big deal of the people who hate it bc it’s my story and i LOVED the idea of the ending.. it took me a long while to put this chapter together and ready for yall and it’s how i want it sorry... thank you and i love you guys xx
          	ps. if there is a big demand on the third book then i just might make one. just to let you know i WILL be sticking with the plot. i won't change anything, so it’s really up to yall if you want to read about them falling in love all over again. BUT i do have other books to work on so it’s the third book or continuing my other ones.
          	blue xx


@uniqueboys I think you are an amazing author and I loved the Quiet books, but if you make a third I would suggest to bring it back to the hospital, not have it be a dream, and find out that Harry was alive the whole time but she was stressing and zoned out so she didn't hear all of the news


          	  Hello Blue,
          	  I have read all of your books and you are my favorite author! I would really appreciate if you could continue your books as there is so much to be said and your plots are the best.


@uniqueboys wait im confused about the ending. was that a flashback or likeeeee


Hello ☺ I love you're book "late nights" Are you planning on updating any time soon?!?! Or did you just stop writing?!?!


Hey, love! I actually fell in love with your ‘quiet’ trilogy and now I’m waiting for the ‘quiet 3’ updates!! I know that you are maybe busy right now so I don’t wanna put much pressure on you cuz I think you have a lot of it. Just wanted to let you know that I’m one of a huge group of your readers who’s eagerly waiting for ‘quiet 3’. Thank you so much