At some point soon, I am planning on making a story filled with a bunch of short stories that I either write on my own or for a writing class I am taking next year along with some stories that I already wrote for a class I took a couple years ago. Phew, that was all in one breath.
A little about me:
- I live in the US
- I am in high school
- I am a Christian
- I play soccer and the kalimba (look it up)
- I like to listen to ASMR and am really into the DreamSMP at the moment
- I love to make my friends and family laugh
- I might be slightly insane

If you have any suggestions for what I should write about, let me know and I will give you credit when I write it.
I am completely fine with writing fanfics about people who are comfortable with it or of fictional characters.
I won't write any smut or anything that's not Christian friendly (also, I do not swear).
I'm ok with writing about difficult topics like abuse and addiction (etc.) but I don't have any experience in any of it so I might get some things wrong (I've never written about anything like that in a long time).
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