22 soon to be 23! yaaay (if you consider 11 months soon) 

but what do you know! I could be a 47 year old pedophile old man with itchy beard -that drinks more of my cup than the actual mouth does- using my 21 year old daughter's photos and info, you'll never know ... *narrows eyes mysteriously*

favorite song: fourth of July- FOB

I'm a studying dentistry in college (yeah ik what was I thinking) .Fear me people . I might just be your dentist one day...

I sing and draw

my bed . food . phone . Disney movies . books .Harry Potter. what else could I need

well ...besides bathroom ...

Fall Out Boy ♡♡♡♡
Panic! ♡♡♡
All Time Low♡♡
The Script ♡

I♥ pandas and pomegranates

Pandas are love . Pandas are life.
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