Hello I'm Alizabeth~!
I'm 17,
My bday is 05/30/03,
And I'm a gemini ♊.
Reading 📘
Cats & Dogs 🐱🐶
Sleep 💤
My family (parents & 2 older brothers)
Snakes 🐍
Food🍥(fun fact abt me: narutomaki is my favorite part of ramen)
And my bff 💁‍♀️🙋‍♀️
I don't have many dislikes, just attention seekers (had a bad run in with one...was never the same).
I'm currently reading a novel series called MONOGATARI by NISIOISIN, 27 novels...wish me luck I'm only on 3.

P.S. almost forgot, I am female thru and thru, as long as you don't force your opinions on me then we're good.
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