IM BACK MY LOVELY PEOPLE!!!!!!! sorry I've been gone for so long but from now on I will try to be on as much as I can :)


@the_emo_with_scars hi friend , by the way do u like sleeping with sirens or my chemical romance?


@the_emo_with_scars hi  the girl that said yay she's my twin sister


Dude, you have piercings and tattoos?! I'm jealous. My parents are against it. 
          I really want to have four in my left ear, two in my right, my belly button, a lip ring on my left side like Andy (Who's as hot af), and a stud on the right side of my nose.  Then like random (but awesome) tattoos all over my wrists and part of my arms. Maybe even ribcage. 
          But when you take dance classes, that tends to be a problem. 
          Anyway man, maybe we can be Wattpad friends in the future or something. You seem really cool, and a lot like me. But that could just be my opinion. 
          Anywhore, pm me if you wanna talk about anything. I'm here to listen. 


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Your bio is the most amazing thing in the fucking world!!!! PM ME DUUUUUUDE! And piercings are awesome! I want snake bites or like, a lip piercing. Yup. Byeeeeeeezzzzzz!!


this message may be offensive
          And no I'm not about to sing "Hello" from Adel because that song makes me angry and aggressive because of all the re-runs of it. 
          But I must say that Andy Beersack is fucking gorgeous and I agree with you with that. I also want to follow you because, well....why the hell not?  You don't have to follow me back. But just wanted to say you're pretty cool. so PM me if you like. I will text you. See yah!


@Sparkle_Sparkle_406 Beirsack I'm sorry grammar natzi here