Hewo Bakers, Beans and Stars! ;v; I apologize for the sudden disappearance. You can probably tell, but I absolutely did not see this coming so my last updated chapter was like: hohoho can't wait for you guys to read the chapter next week on Wax. 
          	I was also locked out of my Instagram account for a bit and this left me in quite the dilemma--I couldn't really find a way to tell the Beans patiently waiting for Leroy and Vanilla to get it on (HAHA) that I was going to be away for a while and thus left you guys hanging. I'm so so sorry! Thank you for being patient. 
          	It's a long story, so I won't say it here but the gist is I am back and I will be updating Wax tomorrow with the long awaited chapter HEHE. My chapters go up at the same time as always: 11pm GMT+8 on Sundays. That's 11AM EDT. 
          	I am also planning to publish Brave Love (homigawd Cupipe, FINALLY) by mid September in celebration of Chip's birthday ;v; I'm going at it wit 100% but I don't know for sure if that's enough but I will definitely make it happen!! Thank you so much for being patient. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the whole trilogy out by the end of this year. 
          	Thank you so so much for waiting, for staying, if you do. And if you're new, welcome ^0^/


@theCuppedCake I came back after many years, only to still find how much your stories have weighed on my heart ;-; I love them so much. I read finished the whole Baked Love series again, (which made me cry).  I look forward to having my heart torn and rebuild with your other stories! ;-;


@theCuppedCake I just got back to wattpad after 4 years and your stories have been so memorable to me. absolutely stoked to see your words published :")


PLEASE HELP find the author of the book BAD BOYS ALSO CRY. It's written by suspicious minds It's a popular boyxboy story. It has Adam and Diego as main characters. I read it years ago but now I want to read it again It's in my archive but it's not opening whne I'm clicking the book. Anyone know where else can I find the author or the book so please tell. I searched the book and authors name here but it's not showing idk anu socials of authors but I wanna know if she deleted the or wanted to make it paid or else why the book is not opening on wattpad. I don't even know he account on wattpad to ask her :((( 


@NamjoonthethickLad the author unpublished all her books except the ongoing one


Hello, Cuppie i just wanted to tell you that i loved you're books so much and i hope you're okay and to let you know you can take your time but I'll still miss you and you're books so much :( love you bye bye <33


hi cuppie! 
          I dont usually leave messages in any socmed, but ig i was just wondering; how are you! I haven't  heard anything from you since last time you updated in your ig. I hope you are well, and i am always looking forward to your contents! 
          - xoxo