Hello, my lovely readers! I'm back.
          	I know, it's been so long. Pasensya na kung hindi ako nakakasagot sa mga messages niyo, but I assure you, I've read them all. It helps me during my toughest times.
          	You see, the universe hasn't been so good to me. I've been facing a lot of mental struggles, I know we all do, especially through this pandemic. But mine is something that couldn't be treated with positive affirmations, since my case is related to a traumatic experience. I've had different psychologists and psychiatrists, but my situation just worsened through time, leading me to stop doing the things I used to love... including writing.
          	Writing used to be my escape, and it sucks losing the only thing that makes me want to be alive, the death of one's passion.
          	I was actually already close to giving up, until I stumbled upon someone. He shared how it's impossible to lose your passion. Aniya siguro ay humina lang ang apoy ng inspirasyon ko, pero naroon pa rin iyon, nakakapit sa uling upang hindi tuluyang matupok. Darating din ang araw na ang daigdig na mismo ang magpapasimoy ng hangin upang muling sumiklab ang aking apoy sa pagsusulat.
          	And I think that time has come. I'm driven to write again. That's why I'm publishing a new story.
          	For my old readers who have been waiting for my old books, I'm sorry but I could no longer guarantee the continuation of those stories.
          	As I grow, my beliefs and values gradually changed, the plot of my stories no longer go with my current values and principles. I also even started believing that my stories were kinda toxic. Perhaps I would just change the plot I initially planned for those books? I'm not sure. Please don't expect anything. As of now, my priority would be on my new book. The choice is yours whether to read it or not.
          	For the readers who've been waiting for me, I want to say my gratitude. Thank you for being with me, for waiting me all these years, and for not losing hope even when I almost did. I love you all so much <3


@thatpaintedmind Sama ipush kahit yugn house of cards lang huhuhuhu


@thatpaintedmind But how about the twb po? I already miss princess and chase


@thatpaintedmind It is okay to not be okay miss A. And you should always put your mental health first po. We're glad na okay kana and that you're back on track. keep writing po. Whatever plans you have sa new book mo we will support you. xoxo <3