i like vodka

i drink vodka

i get drunk off of 4 bottles of vodka

i pass out because of vodka

i wake up with a hella hangover because vodka

then i throw up because of vodka

go to school lookin like a depressed, stressed, basically a messbecausevodka

cant concentrate because vodka

is really tired and hungover because vodka

go home because vodka

repeat the shit.

giving my account to one of my closest amino friends because vodka.

sorry. i dont feel like i can continue this account anymore, so im giving it away/handing it to my closest amino friend. its been a good 11 months with yall, sorry i couldnt stay here a year. but at least yall will meet someone new, and all my 192 followers could probably help her feel at home on this account. so, i guess in the next week or so, ill no longer be on this account. ill miss yall, especially my father. ill be inactive for the next week or so due to this. love yall, bye. oh, one more thing. all my stories, will be removed. we want to start fresh on this account.

Keeping the vodka thing because it's legendary.

But hello there!

so yo yo yo its your casual fucking failure checking in!

have some random-ass facts about me!

•beginner violinist
•sucks at drawing
•sucks at living
•sucks at painting
•sucks at life in general
•uses finger guns way too much to be healthy
•Byakuya might end up making me straight
•left hand dominance
•knows how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and back
•takes way too many pictures of sunrises/sets
•will sound bad when in VC
•inhaled soap once
•drinks too much black coffee for my age
•somehow sucks at social studies despite being a history nut
•I think all my teachers secretly despise me
•will cut a bitch up when needed
•loves going on top of the roof of my house at like, 3:00am just to see the moonlight
•glasses friggin suck
•f l o w e r s
•drawings suck
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