you might see the story is back up
          	that’s for people who would like to see it so they don’t have to read reuploads that cross cc boundaries. this one is fully edited.
          	with that i am parting ways with this account for a while, possibly forever.
          	i hope you all are well and stay well, with love.


@supersuperdeleted wish you the best
          	  we'll miss you :')


@supersuperdeleted Please please please tell me why ff1970 is gone :((( That story is like my everything so please give an explanation


@astr0nomika Thank you so much for creating such a amazing story you truly are a talented author! I absolutely loved the idea behind it it’s so amazing it had me sobbing lol. But i really do hope you come back soon! I’ve never read any writing that’s just as amazing as yours!! But until you decide to hopefully come back please stay safe and happy! We’ll be waiting for you <33 
          	  ps. please finish unchained melody when you come back I haven’t gotten good sleep in weeks bcuz i can’t stop thinking about how it could’ve ended