Kpop stan here
Little introduction about me:

Name (nickname): Han/Hannie
Gender: Genderfluid
Sexuality: Pansexual

Groups I stan:
Stray Kids
Monsta X
Red Velvet
The Boyz
And a lot more-

My ult group is Day6
My ult bias is Young K (bRiAn)

I also like anime

I love reading and writing
And I love photography too
I also love painting and poetry

Anything else you'll know as you get to know me over time

Here's a message:
You're not alone
You'll never be alone
If you can't find a place where you feel you don't belong, then you've come to the right place
It's okay to be different
It's okay to make mistakes
And it's definitley okay for you to be yourself
You're perfect the way you are, whether you see yourself positively or negatively
You're amazing
You're awesome
And there's no need to worry about mistakes made in the past
You cannot change them now, but you can learn from them
If times get rough, remember nothing lasts forever
There a calm before the storm, but you have to fight through the storm
Everyday is a new battle
And you've come to be victorious in every battle so far
Don't give up now
Don't end your winning streak
You're a survivor
And I love you <3

"Live your life. It's your anyway. Don't try too hard. It's okay to lose." -BTS

"It's okay if your breath gets short. No one is blaming you. You can make mistakes from time to time. Everyone else does too." -Lee Hi, Breath

"We are all different. If we all sang the same melody, how can there be harmony? Don't judge someone just because they are different." -Amber Liu

"Don't be anxious, you can depend on yourself" -Stray Kids
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