Hey guys, work has been a bit rough recently, so I havent had much time to write. But, that being said chapter 11 is coming along nicely. I will hopefully have up for you soon.


Why is only human showing only thirteen chapter ,hence I cannot finish this story so plz fix as soon as possible.


@mako12345678 bro its published


I am wondering if you are going to make one of vampires? Because of these two books talk about them and they are both connected.


Holy cow man I just finished “Only Human” It’s gotta be my favorite book I’ve read in awhile. I can’t wait for the Sequel if you plan to do one. 


Please update the nxt chapter of dangerous games i really like ur Stories


Hey. Please update dangerous gameas and upload the book2 of only human. Love your work!❤


@Red_apprentice For updates on when the next chapter Dangerous Games is coming out, and what other projects I'm working on. Check out my patreon:
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Can't wait for next update. Keep writing


Absolultey love your story would donate to keep it going indefinatly it's that good! Stay safe


Hi! When will you update Only Human? I really love the book and the way it is coming about. I can't wait to see what you write next. 


Please update you left us on a cliffhanger ... great story