Player in Luv is almost at 800K even when I've stopped updating for a year now thank you❤️ that book started out as a gag joke and it's actually turned legit dhsjsjjd thank you for the love! i appreciate so much x


@springbts please update again :((


@springbts Please update it. I am waiting for more desperately. I hope you're okay but again please update it... <3 :D :P :)


this book was definitely one of my favorites! I know you haven’t updated in a long time but I hope  your happy and healthy!:)



HI!! I’m writing a new jungkook book, called the truth undone. im new to writing and I’ve read most of your books and your such a talented writer  your feedback would be very appreciated. No pressure tho!! Hope your having an amazing day <3


I started reading 'unrequited love' today and finished it the same day, It was the most beautiful book I've ever read, it's not completed and I really wanted it to be,but even if it isn't, it would be the closest to my heart forever,  the tears I shed, the realisations, your metaphors,how pretty and impactful those words were..and those secret sentences!!
          Even though it was a fiction,it pricked my heart, I am surely not gonna forget it ever. This story was soo good, can't be described through words. You are magical and so, are your words. I wish you visit your account one day to see how much impact this story had on it's readers...also,  you invoked in me the love for stars...this was really a precious one!!


I started reading Unrequited today. When I clicked on the book, I had no idea the emotional rollercoaster I would be going through in the first chapter itself. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life. Thank you. Thank you so much for bringing such beauty into this world. Thank you for allowing people such as myself a chance at discovering true writing such as yours. The way you manipulate words should be illegal due to all the tears shed because of it. However, I'm glad I shed those tears. I'm glad I found a safe place in your writing. Thank you.
          - a very touched and lucky person who happened across your beauty conveyed through words on a Monday afternoon 


hi this is sab aka @springbts! (not clickbait lol) i got locked out of this account, as i've posted down below, so i decided to make a new one as a back-up. 
          even though i've decided to stop writing most of my stories, i might want to re-post them into this new account so i could still have access to them somehow... even though it won't be the full experience. i'm doing this in case i'd ever want to update them, too, although tbrh i feel like i've decided to stop writing most (if not all) of my stories. or maybe i'm just nostalgic; i spent some time here when i was growing up, and i wanted to go through my account the way you would an old memorabilia but i couldn't do that now. 
          in any case, i've set up this account as a spare, so come say hi if you want to! (。´ ‿`♡) i'm also on twt as @yoonficus or ao3 as @minlumos!