Naomi from TGGBB is not gonna end up with anyone. If u read further you're gonna get into a chapter where Jordan and Naomi is going on a friendly date. I can't imagine Naomi being with Jordan. For me their relationship is just the sibling type. IM A BENNOMI SHIPPER :) There are so much Bennomi moments. Sometimes you wont even notice them cause its lowkey. OKAY THATS ALL.


omg im a bennomi shipper too !!!! and i cant see her going w jordan tbh idk why i just cant and declan is like her older brother but jordan idk what he is hes just there , but bennett is like the babe lol and tysm but ill probably skipped that part where they go on the date, but i will probably comment " Section 15 !!" in the comments lol and , tysmmm , but in the second book i heard she ends up with someone.. do u know any chapters that have bennomi momments ??